Helen Langehanenberg & Damon Hill Win World Cup, Adelinde & Parzival 2nd

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The Winner Is! Helen Langehanenberg being declared the winner by Edward Gal who came third with runnerup Adelinde Cornelissen on the awards podim. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


GOTHENBURG, Sweden, April 27–Helen Langehanenberg became the World Cup champion Saturday when she rode her German team Olympic mount Damon Hill NRW to victory while two-time champions Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival were runnerup to miss becoming only the second rider to win three straight titles.

Helen’s Freestyle ride that she said was the best ever on Damon Hill and confirmed by the score that was a personal best of 88.286 per cent while Adelinde admitted she and her 16-year-old KWPN gelding were still not used to her new music and scored 86.214 per cent. Fellow Dutch rider Edward Gal and Glock’s Undercover were third with 84.446 per cent.

The Scandinavium Center’s near capacity crowd of 12,000 spectators appeared by the applause to agree with the order of finish though there were questions to Gustav Svalling of Sweden, president of the ground jury, about a difference of more than 11 per cent between the hghest and lowest scores for Adelinde and Parzival.

The quality of the competition was extraordinarily high with five combinations scoring above 80 per cent in the only annual global championship of dressage and that is in its 28th year

And the tension increased as the last five of the 17 starting combinations began the countdown to the final pair, Adelinde and Parzival who had won this title in 2011 and 2012 and were riding to become only the second pair to win three straight championships. Only Anky Van Grunsven has performed that feat and she did it twice in amassing a total of nine World Cups.

HelenLangehanenberg celebrating with a victory gallop on Damon Hill NRW. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
HelenLangehanenberg celebrating with a victory gallop on Damon Hill NRW. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

The pint-sized Helen Langehanenberg–she gives her height as 163cm (5 ft. 3 1/2 ins.)–dashed those hopes.

She was runnerup in the World Cup in s’-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands last year, but after winning the opening Grand Prix Thursday made it clear she would be the one to beat in the Freestyle which is the only score that counts.

“I had a very great feeling, it was just a dream,” she said. “Wow!

“He was brilliant to ride. He gave me so much confidence.

“He told me during the test, ‘don’t do too much. I know what to do.'”

Damon Hill, a 13-year-old Westfalen stallion (Donnerhall x Romanze x Rubinstein I) was right, knew exactly what to do and won marks of 10 for some movements.

Helen took over the ride on Damon Hill in 2010 after Ingred Klimke had trained the horse to Grand Prix, winning the six-year-old title at the World Young Horse Championships in Verden, Germany along the way. Helen rode the stallion on the German team at the European Championships in 2011 and the Olympics in London last summer.

Germany has won the World Cup eight times, the last being Isabell Werth on Warum Nicht at Las Vegas in 2007.

She hopes to make the team for the Europeans in Denmark later this year. She works once a week with Klaus Balkenhol, German Olympic gold medalist and coach of the United States team for eight years.

She said Damon Hill is more settled and more powerful.

“I always have the feeling it is perfect then he tops it again,” she said. “He’s something special–he can read and write.”

Adelinde joked that her ride was “a lot better than Thursday, no spooking, no breaking out,” referring to spinning twice in the transition from piaffe to passage on the centerline in the Grand Prix.

Adelinde Cornelissen riding Jeich Parzival to their new music in the World Cup Final. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
Adelinde Cornelissen riding Jeich Parzival to their new music in the World Cup Final. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

“I gave it my best shot. l like the new music. The old one we could ride on full automatc. We’re not at full automatic yet but in a couple of shows it will be perfect.”

Is she thinking of retiring Parzival whom she has ridden at Grand Prix for six years and whose resumé includes a mix of gold, silver and bronze medals at two European Championships and the London Games?

“No way!” she declared with a laugh.

Edward Gal and Glock's Undercover © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
Edward Gal and Glock’s Undercover © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Both the awards ceremony and the post-competition news conference turned into the Edward Gal show as the riders played off his humor and had the dozens of reporters and photographers laughing.

Edward turned the too frequently somber awards ceremony on the podium into fun-filled highlights that continued into the post-competition news conference to make it one of the most memorable World Cup Finals for its high caliber but joyful camaraderie among riders, media, spectators and officials.

After Gustav Svalling commented that he had awarded 10 to various combinations on Saturday which had not been the case before Edward rode Totilas, he rider turned to the other competitors and quipped, “You can thank me.”

As to Undercover, a 12-year-old KWPN gelding (Ferro x Mimosavrouwe x Donnerhall) that he’s been competing for a year, he said he’s happy that the the horse perfomed well for two tournaments in a row.

“Now he’s getting used to the environment that you can’t train at home,” he said. “I had to train it here so it worked out.”

Tinne Vilhemsson-Silfvén placed fourth with Don Auriello and was the highest finishing Swede.

“It was an extremey overwhelming feeling with all the atmosphere,” she said. “It was great fun.”

Tinne started Don Auriello at Grand Prix on the Florida winter circuit and was on the Swedish team at the London Olympics.

Tinne Vilhelmsson-Silvén and Don Auriello, placing fourth and the highest finishing Swedish combination in their homeland. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
Tinne Vilhelmsson-Silvén and Don Auriello, placing fourth and the highest finishing Swedish combination in their homeland. © 2013 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


Grand Prix Freestyle

K: Elizabeth McMullen CAN E: Maria Colliander FIN H: Andrew Gardner GBR C: Gustaf Svalling SWE
M: Gotthilf Riexinger GER B: Jean-Michel Roudier FRA F: Wojtek Markowski POL

Rank Rider Horse K E H C M B F  Total
1 Damon Hill NRW Donnerhall – Rubinstein I Sauer,Heinrich Christian Becks 81.75087.00084.3752 82.000 91.000 86.5001 86.500 93.00089.7501 85.750 92.00088.8751 86.25091.00088.6251 86.50090.00088.2501 88.25095.00091.6251 85.28691.28688.286 1
2 Jerich Parzival Jazz – Ulft W.P.J. Cornelissen / M.A. Cornelissen 83.00090.00086.5001 77.50089.00083.250 2 85.25093.00089.1252 85.00086.00085.5003 84.00091.00087.5002 83.75089.00086.3752 84.00090.00087.0004 83.21489.71486.464 2
3 Glock’s Undercover Ferro – Donnerhall Ghpc Holding Bv 75.50085.00080.2504 78.00088.00083.0003 83.75091.00087.3753 84.00087.00085.5002 82.00089.00085.5003 79.00085.00082.0003 84.00091.00087.5003 80.89388.00084.446 3
4 Don Auriello Don Davidoff – White Star Lövsta Stuteri / Antonia Ax:son Johnson 78.25084.00081.1253 77.00087.00082.0004 78.75086.00082.3754 82.00088.00085.0004 75.25084.00079.6255 77.00084.00080.5004 84.00092.00088.0002 78.89386.42982.661 4
5 Don Johnson FRH Don Frederico – Warkant Meyer,Ulrike Madeleine Winter-Schulze 75.75082.00078.8755 75.50080.00077.7506 78.00085.00081.5006 81.00084.00082.5005 76.50083.00079.7504 75.25083.00079.1257 79.00088.00083.5006 77.28683.57180.429 5
Not placed
6 Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno Rohdiamant – Weltmeyer Centro Equestre Monferrato 74.25081.00077.6256 75.00081.00078.0005 78.75086.00082.3754 77.00084.00080.5006 73.75081.00077.3756 73.75080.00076.8758 82.25088.00085.1255 76.39383.00079.696 6
7 Watermill Scandic H.B.C Solos Carex – Amiral De Watermolen Fam Greve, Fam Sjep Patrik Kittel 75.50078.00076.7507 71.25078.00074.6258 77.00083.00080.0007 76.50084.00080.2507 72.75082.00077.3756 76.75083.00079.8755 75.75084.00079.8758 75.07181.71478.393 7
8 Donnperignon Donnerhall – Mozart II79 Rasanen,Pekka Kasprzak Family 73.50080.00076.7507 74.50078.00076.2507 75.00082.00078.5009 77.25079.00078.1258 73.00077.00075.0009 78.00081.00079.5006 76.75085.00080.8757 75.42980.28677.857 8
9 Schianto Gribaldi – Schwadroneur Jorgen Rosbog 73.00076.00074.5009 71.25077.00074.1259 75.25083.00079.1258 74.500 79.00076.7509 71.75076.00073.87510 73.50077.00075.2509 71.25077.00074.1259 72.92977.85775.393 9
10 Santana Sandro Hit – Rubinstein I Ingo Pape Minna Telde AB / Berit Telde 70.75077.00073.87510 69.25074.00071.62510 70.75076.00073.375 10 73.250 79.00076.12510 72.25080.00076.1258 71.50076.00073.75010 70.75077.00073.87511 71.21477.00074.107 10
11 Pro-Set Jetset-D – Flemmingh AJ TAS, BERKEL EN RODENRIJS, NED Elisif Sommechield, Gustav Jebsen 70.00074.00072.00011 68.25074.00071.12511 69.75075.00072.37511 70.25076.00073.12511 66.00073.00069.50012 68.00071.00069.50013 71.25077.00074.1259 69.07174.28671.679 11
12 Miciano Medici – Dialekt J.M.J. van Baalen-Dorresteyn, J. Hinnema 67.75070.00068.87514 68.25071.00069.62512 69.25071.00070.12514 70.250 74.00072.12512 68.00072.00070.00011 70.50071.00070.75011 68.00073.00070.50012 68.85771.71470.286 12
13 Smeyers Molberg Michellino – Rambo Irene Meyer, Marcela Krinke Susmelj 69.50074.00071.75012 64.75069.00066.87514 67.50074.00070.75013 66.250 71.00068.62515 67.50070.00068.75013 68.00069.00068.50015 65.75071.00068.37515 67.03671.14369.089 13
14 D Niro D-Day – Napoleon 625 Mary Brooks – Brookhaven Dressage Inc 68.25075.00071.62513 64.50071.00067.75013 66.75073.00069.87515 65.250 72.00068.62515 61.75066.00063.87515 67.00072.00069.50013 66.75072.00069.37513 65.75071.57168.66114
15 Vian Stallone LANCET – Symfonie LLC VIAN GROUP 65.50070.00067.75015 64.25068.00066.12515 68.75074.00071.37512 67.500 73.00070.25014 64.00067.00065.50014 68.00072.00070.00012 67.75071.00069.37513 66.53670.71468.625 15
16 Lindor’s Finest Eastern Ruler Sylvia Carlton & Ute Busse 65.50067.00066.25016 64.00067.00065.50016 63.75068.00065.87517 68.500 73.00070.75013 61.75065.00063.37516 66.00068.00067.00016 65.50070.00067.75016 65.00068.28666.64316
17 Khorovod Khodar Mr.Repkin Viktor 61.25064.00062.625 17 60.50063.00061.75017 65.50071.00068.25016 61.750 66.00063.875 17 60.000 64.00062.00017 60.50 066.00063.25017 60.00064.00062.00017 61.35765.42963.393 17