FEI Launches New Global Online Entry System for Jumpers–Dressage to Come

9 years ago StraightArrow Comments Off on FEI Launches New Global Online Entry System for Jumpers–Dressage to Come

A new online entry system has been launched by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) that will be global for jumping events by the middle of this year wih dressage and other disciplines to follow.

The first events using the new single online platform for entries for horses and riders are the FEI World Cup Jumping qualifiers in New Zealand, at Dannevirke Jan. 4-6 and Waitemata  Jan. 12-13.

United Arab Emirates will be added later in January, Portugal, the United States, Germany and France in February and March with Belgium, the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Austria in April.

The aim is to have all FEI Jumping events managed through the system by July 2013

The new system has been designed to improve the automation and exchange of data between the FEI and the national federations with developed information technology (IT) systems and will also provide IT tools to federations that do not already have their own entries database. The system will make communication between the organizing committees, federations and the FEI easier and ensure better quality and traceability of data.

Checking the eligibility of athletes and horses prior to events and managing results after events have ended are additional features of the new system.

“Putting it in place has been a lengthy process and we hope that the system will simplify and improve the level of service provided to the National Federations and event organizers, making data management faster and more reliable,” said FEI Secretary General Ingmar De Vos.

“The system is currently available for Jumping, which is the FEI’s biggest discipline, but it is our long term goal to progressively adapt it to all our disciplines.”