Int’l Dressage Riders Club to Expand Membership to Paras

10 years ago StraightArrow Comments Off on Int’l Dressage Riders Club to Expand Membership to Paras

The International Dressage Riders Club is extending membership to para equestrian dressage riders ahead of the organization’s first ever extraordinary General Assembly aimed at making major changes in its structure.

The moves by the IDRC are the latest of several efforts designed to expand its membership base and stave off the intention declared by the International Equestrian Federation to suspend the club as a FEI associate member.

Disagreements between the FEI and the IDRC center around the right to nominate the rider representative to be one of six members of the policy-making FEI Dressage Committee.

Kyra Kyrklund, president of the IDRC, said the General Assembly will be held in England on Friday, April 13.

Issues on the agenda are to:

–Change the IDRC statutes to allow a comprehensive appeal process for all members;

–Include qualificiation criteria for para dressage riders;

–Incorporate the IDRC in the United Kingdom, and

–Appoint Catherine Haddad, the German-based U.S. rider, as an Executive Board member.

Members can vote by mail, email or telephone to reach the IDRC secretary by April 12.