USEF & Jeremy Steinberg Introduce personalized online video training program

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Jeremy Steinberg. © Ken Braddick/
The U.S. Equestrian Federation and Jeremy Steinberg, the National Dressage Youth Coach, have introduced a new personalized online video training program for America’s youth riders.
The video program was created as the best way to reach the greatest number of riders in a country the size of the United States.
Jeremy, who travels extensively giving clinics to youth riders, said the program had been in the works for a year and is now up and running as “The USEF Youth Talent Hotline.”
The program is designed so riders can get any extra help throughout the year.
“It involves riders uploading a video which will be completely private and inaccessible to anyone other than rider, me and the IT department at USEF,” he said.
“Then I will in turn get an email saying there is a new video which I will then watch and make some notes on.  Depending on the number of videos and where I am when I review them, the rider will either get a video back with an audio track dubbed over the video of me giving pointers, ideas and thoughts. If I am not in an area to access that feature, the rider will get an email back with the same information written out instead of an audio track.”
Riders can set up an account by contacting Leah Oliveto at USEF ( with “Youth Talent Hotline” in the subject line. The USEF will set up an account, password and access to the site.