USA Dressage Fund Raising School to Open in New Year

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LINCOLN, Nebraska, Oct. 11–A program for equestrians to learn how to raise money to support their sport will be launched by The Dressage Foundation next January.

The Dressage Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars to give away to the sport, has spent two years planning, developing and testing a program to hep equestrians in all disciplines learn how to raise funds for their own support.

“For most riders,” said Olympian Carol Lavell whose family has been a major contributor to  The Dressage Foundation, “financial support becomes the ultimate hurdle.”

John Boomer, recently retired as the foundation’s president and chief executive officer, added: “Fundraising–it’s needed by most equestrians in all disciplines, the techniques are not now being taught, and who better to do it than The Dressage Foundation whose very business is raising money, managing it, and giving it away.”

The program has been named the “Equestrian Fundraising School – Offering Lessons in Fundraising and Giving.”

The inaugural class of students begins Jan. 3. Karin Reid Offield and John Boomer are the originators and developers of the program.

The Equestrian Fundraising School will offer a comprehensive curriculum of ideas, techniques, and examples of fundraising and giving. Many of the values and ideas students will learn from the school will be useful in aspects of their lives other than just equestrian. Lessons will be available by Internet webinars online.

The program will provide fundraising/giving knowledge, a diploma, and a packet of personalized printed stationery to get fundraising underway. Alumni will also be able to apply for grants and scholarships from a special fund built from accrued student tuition money.

“A special bonus offered by the school will be for students to secure personal advice and guidance from foundation staff and its professional advisors on how to plan, prepare and present proposals to donor prospects,” said Melissa Filipi, Foundation Development Director.

“The Equestrian Fundraising School will be invaluable to equestrians in all disciplines of horse sport–not just dressage–and to riders at all levels from the grass roots to high performance. English-speaking international students are welcome. During the development of the school, interest has been shown widely from equestrian students of all ages,” Karin Reid Offield said.

Complete details on the Equestrian Fundraising School, the curriculum, lesson subjects, faculty, how to participate, schedule and costs will be available from Nov. 1 on www.dressagefoundation.orgor telephone +1 402 434 8586 or 402 434 8585.