Carl Hester & Merlins Nemorensis Capture British Intermediaire Title

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Charlie Hutton and Merlin Nemorensis. File photo

STONELEIGH PARK, England, Sept. 15–Carl Hester on Merlins Nemorensis, a standout Young Rider mount for Great Britain, claimed the National Intermediaire title Thursday, the first of four days of the British Championships that superstar Laura Bechtolsheimer on Andretti H will contest the Grand Prix.

Carl, who led Britain to an historic team gold at the European Championships in Rotterdam, scored 68.95 per cent aboard Nemorensis that was competed by Charlie Hutton at Young Riders, including the Young Rider World Cup Final in Frankfiurt in 2009. Gareth Hughes on DV Stenjers Nadonna was second on 68.32 per cent and Vick Thompson-Winfield on Papillon third on 67.37 per cent.

The Eilbergs took the Prix St. Georges Championship, Michael winning on Woodlander Dornroeschen with 71.42 per cent and Maria on Woodlander Rockstar second on 70.00 per cent. Ruth Edge on Shadowfax was third on 69.16 per cent.

Results–Intermediate II Championship

Hester, Carl Merlins Nemorensis 68.95% 1

Hughes, Gareth DV Stenkjers Nadonna 68.32% 2
Thompson-Winfield, Vick O.E.C. Papillon 67.37% 3
Eilberg, Michael Half Moon Delphi 67.32% 4
Perry, Anne-Marie Aristo 66.74% 5
Assouline, Michel Luderitz 66.53% 6
Dujardin, Charlotte Tatler 66.42% 7
Assouline, Mette Forrest Gump 65.47% 8
Skipper, Belinda Capetto Vestervang 64.16% 9
Moody, Becky Wallenstein 63.95% 10
Hopkins, Lisa Walkman BC 63.84% 11
Beaven, Jackie Donner Dancer 62.84% 12
Cheetham, Sarah Provender Galant 61.42% 13
Hallion, Denise Bomond 61.21% 14
Watson, Daniel Fideramber 61.16% 15
Atkins, Tina Holme Park Karachi 57.21% 16