Pikko del Cerro HU ridden by Lisa Wilcox. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


WAYNE, Illinois, Aug. 28–The American-bred Pikko del Cerro HU, an eight-year-old Hanoverian stallion and ridden by Lisa Wilcox, won the U.S. Developing Horse Championship Sunday, eking out the victory over Pie ridden by Caroline Roffman.

Pikko del Cerro, (Pik L x Rohweena x Rohdiamant) bred and owned by Horses Unlimited of Albuquerque, New Mexico, came second in the championship test behind Pie, but their score in the qualifying test that was 40 per cent of the total, gave them a combined score of 70.482 per cent, a margin of victory of 0.829 per cent over Pie, a nine-year-old Hanoverian gelding.

Pikko del Cerro also won the award for the highest scoring U.S.-bred developing horse in the championships that are sponsored by Dutta Corp. of North Salem, New York, and Performance Sales International of Germany. The Developing Horse Championships are for horses aged seven years to nine years.

Pie (Worldly x World Lady x World Cup I) and Caroline of Wellington, Florida, scored 69.653 for the reserve championship while Wrigley (Son Deniro x Pinomia x Rohdiamant) and Sharon McCusker of Ashby, Massachusetts, were third with a final championship score of 69.205 per cent.

Pie ridden by Caroline Roffman. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
Caroline described Pie, whom she bought from her trainer, Lars Petersen as a four-year-old he found in Denmark, as sensitive and “a challenge, to say the least.”

“He has a lot of talent and is a horse for the future,” she said. “He really put his best foot forward.”

Just 18 months ago, he was performing training level and and now is handling small tour with the U.S. Intermediaire Championships as the goal for 2012.

Sharon McCusker said she acquired Wrigley two years ago. He is steady, positive and “businesslike.” Wrigley likes to work and has lots of talent for the Grand Prix, she said, but will take it easy and let the horse tell her when to move up to the next level.

Wrigley with Sharon McCusker aboard. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
If there was an accessorizing award, it probably would go to Devon Kane of Wellington, Florida, with bling on her helmet matching the brow band of Destiny. The pair placed sixth in the Developing Horse championship. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

The six-year-old championship provided the most excitement of the show.

Emily Wagner of La Cygne, Kansas, and her American Warmblood stallion Wakeup (Wagnis x Maiden Montreal x Macho), the winners of Friday’s Preliminary Test, were the last pair to compete.

They rode their way to third place in the Championship Test scoring an 8.64, which earned them an overall score of 8.736.

Four horses earlier, Caroline Roffman rode her Bon Chance (Bellisimom x SPH Wintersong DE x Weltmeyer) to a score of 8.88. With scores from Friday counting for 40 per cent of the overall, Bon Chance finished on a score of 8.736.

After consulting the rules, Wakeup was crowned national champion of six-year-olds. as a U.S.-bred horse prevails if there is a tie.

Emily said she was pleased with her horse’s performance Sunday for which he earned 9 for submission and 8.7 for general impression.

“I was really happy with him,” Emily said. “Today, the thing was he was tired. At the end of a five-day horse show, he was just lacking flair. His flying changes and half pass were great.”

Wakeup and Emily Wagner. © 2011 Stuart Roffman

For the third time in the week, Caroline claimed Reserve Champion honors.

“I am so happy, you don’t dream that will ever happen,” Caroline said. “I hoped to get one Championship or Reserve throughout the weekend. I am on cloud nine.”

Bon Chance was last year’s five-year-old champion. This year, he displayed a ground covering walk, for which he received 9.2, and an uphill canter that was rewarded with 8.8. The canter score would have been significantly higher without mistakes in the flying change.

However, Caroline was elated with the Hanoverian gelding who, she said, “shows off, he loves to do this. He’s always fun to ride; ambitious, fun and spirited. He’s everything.”

Third place overall went to Faye Woolfe’s Aesthete (Trento B x Unusual x Gribaldi) with an overall 8.728. Silva Martin of Cochtranville, Pennsylvania, guided the KWPN gelding to a score of 8.8 Sunday, earning second place in Sunday’s class.


Developing Horse Championship Test
E: McDonald C: Zang M: Barnett
Rider Horse E C M Total % Pl.

Roffman, Caroline Pie
256 243
726 71.176% 1

Wilcox, Lisa Pikko del Cerro HU
240 240
721 70.686% 2

McCusker, Sharon Wrigley
241 242
716 70.196% 3

Barteau, Yvonne GP Delano t 233
239 239
711 69.706% 4

Breen-Gurley, Barbi Vindicator
232 227
696 68.235% 5

Kane, Devon Destiny
241 227
689 67.549% 6

Pitts, Alyssa Jil Sander
223 232
686 67.255% 7

Mason, Heather Warsteiner t 225
230 228
683 66.961% 8

Tate, Jessica Jo Faberge
227 226
678 66.471% 9

Williams, George Cleopatra
213 223
665 65.196% 10

Mc Carthy, Heather Sandro Paix
214 217
659 64.608% 11

Barteau, Yvonne Eclipse BR
217 212
648 63.529% 12

Warlimont, Petra Rohmero
213 215
642 62.941% 13

Parvey-Larsson, Stacy Benidetto
190 214
610 59.804% 14

Barteau, Kim Volontaire
200 209
610 59.804% 15

6 Year Old Championship Test

C: McDonald/Barnett/Zang

Rider Horse

% Pl.

Roffman, Caroline Bon Chance
88.800% 1

Martin, Silva Aesthete
88.000% 2

Wagner, Emily Wakeup
86.400% 3

Parker, Ulla Sabati
85.000% 4

Nyssen, Jules Allegro
83.600% 5

Williams, George Riccidoff
81.400% 6

Warlimont, Petra Dostojewski SF
81.000% 8

Hecker-Jackson, Angela Allure S
81.000% 7

Lipp, Karen Whitney
80.600% 9

Arts, Willy Adje
80.200% 10

Wimmer, Ashley Somerhall
80.000% 11

Mason, Heather Roark
79.200% 12

Copeland, Emily Festivo RS
75.600% 13

Hill, Debbie Ruffino
72.800% 14

Van Den Brande, Werner Antheney Hill
67.600% 15