Totilas & Matthias Dance to Victory in 1st Freestyle

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Totilas and Matthias Alexander Rath. © 2011 Ken Braddick/

BALVE, Germany, June 19–Totilas performed his first competition Freestyle with Matthias Alexander Rath to music specially written for the pair and was the clear winning combination Sunday to cap their first German championship.

A huge crowd ignored chilly, rainy weather to pack this historic venue for the Freestyle debut by Matthias and the 11-year-old black stallion which received a score of 85.550 per cent from the all-German panel of five judges.

The World Equestrian Games team combination of Christoph Koschel and Donnperignon riding to their popular “Roxanne” music by The Police placed second with 82.450 per cent, with Isabell Werth and El Santo NRW, at 10 years old the youngest horse in the field, in third place on 82.400 per cent. The WEG team combination of Anabel Balkenhol on Dablino was fourth on 80.100 per cent.

This show decided the German team that will be one of nine countries competing for the Nations Cup at the CHIO in Aachen in mid-July which in turn will determine the squad for the European Championships in Rotterdam a month later. At the 2009 European Championships, Germany was third behind a Totilas-led Dutch team and Great Britain won silver.

In their third straight week of shows–this week was not an international competition, although Munich and Wiesbaden earlier this month were–Matthias and Totilas has become the dominant celebrity couple in German horse sports, similar to when the son of Gribaldi was trained and ridden by Edward Gal of The Netherlands through the WEG in Kentucky last year where they won all three gold medals up for grabs.

The pair began the six-minute Freestyle capitalizing on the horse’s extravagant passage and piaffe.

However, they had a mistake in the tempi changes, as they have in their competitions so far though it is less than six months since the partnership was formed after Totilas was bought by Paul Schockemöhle of Performance Sales International and Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, the stepmother of Matthias and a German team gold medalist.

The orchestral music for the Freestyle by Matthias and Totilas was composed by world famous DJ and music producer, Paul van Dyk, a friend of the Rath-Linsenhoff family. It was the first freestyle produced and composed by Paul, who lives in Berlin and whose wife is a dressage rider.

Grand Prix Freestyle results:
1. 664 Totilas Rath, Matthias Alexander GER 4700 EUR 85.550 Punkte
R 11-j.H v.Gribaldi/M.v.Glendale/KWPN/NED08021/B: Linsenhoff u.Paul Schockemöhle, Frankf.Turnierst.Schw.Gelb e.V
2. 304 Donnperignon Koschel, Christoph GER 4000 EUR 82.450 Punkte
DF 12-j.W v.Donnerhall/M.v.Mozart II 79/FIN.WB./GER25410/B: Hof Beckerode GmbH, RSC Osnabrücker Land e.V.
3. 313 El Santo NRW Werth, Isabell GER 3200 EUR 82.400 Punkte
B 10-j.W v.Ehrentusch/M.v.Rhythmus/RHLD/GER44504/B: Winter-Schulze,Madeleine RFV Graf v.Schmettow Eversael
4. 273 Dablino Balkenhol, Anabel GER 2500 EUR 80.100 Punkte
DF 11-j.W v.De Niro/M.v.Wanderbursch II/HANN/GER41335/B: Balkenhol,Klaus RV St.Georg Münster e.V.
5. 275 Damon Hill NRW Langehanenberg, Helen GER 1600 EUR 78.950 Punkte
DF 11-j.H v.Donnerhall/M.v.Rubinstein I/WESTF/GER26971/B: Becks,Christian RV St.Georg Münster e.V.
6. 704 Whisper Theodorescu, Monica GER 1200 EUR 76.800 Punkte
F 13-j.W v.Welt Hit I O/M.v.Weltstar/WÜRTT/GER26878/B: Linsenhoff,Ann Kathrin RFV Warendorf e.V.
7. 315 Elvis VA Capellmann, Nadine GER 800 EUR 75.500 Punkte
F 15-j.W v.Espri/M.v.Garibaldi II/HANN/GER27120/B: Capellmann,Nadine RV Würselen 1925 e.V.
8. 442 Le Noir Gräf, Uta GER 600 EUR 73.250 Punkte
R 11-j.H v.Leandro/M.v.Caletto I/HOLST/GER46057/B: Herzog,Christiane RFV Weisenheim am Sand e.V.
9. 397 Kaiserkult TSF Schneider, Dorothee GER 400 EUR 73.000 Punkte
DB 13-j.H v.Van Deyk/M.v.Gajus/TRAK./GER28230/B: Schneider,Dorothee Frankf.Turnierst.Schw.Gelb e.V
10. 768 Le Bo Koppelmann, Carola GER 400 EUR 72.850 Punkte
F 18-j.W /HANN./GER17584/B: Koppelmann, Carola Kehdinger Reitclub e.V.
11. 53 Baldessarini Capellmann-Lütkemeier, Gina GER 300 EUR 70.200 Punkte
DB 12-j.S v.Breitling W/M.v.Diego xx/OLD/GER27523/B: Capellmann-Lütkemeier,Gina RFV Paderborn e.V.