Equine Canada Seeks Answers from Political Candidates

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OTTAWA, Ontario, April 22–Equine Canada is asking political candidates where they stand on key issues affecting the Canadian equestrian industry, including its riders, horses and breeders, distributing a 10-point questionnaire to all party leaders, former ministers of agriculture and sport, and associated critics.

“Our questionnaire for 2011 federal election candidates reports on specific areas of concern for our sport and our industry, and proposes key legislative and funding improvements we feel necessary for our industry and its athletes, both human and equine, to grow and succeed,” said Equine Canada president Mike Gallagher. “It is important that all the parties and each candidate have an opportunity to provide their perspective and policy position on Canada’s equine industry.”

The federation is urging its members to ask their local candidates where they stand on the important issues outlined in the questionnaire.

“We want to know, if elected, is the candidate prepared to work with us developing solutions to our challenges going forward,” Mike Gallagher said. “Horses touch the daily lives of more than one million Canadians of all ages and in all walks of life and they number more than 900,000 across Canada. Collectively, the various industry activities contribute in excess of $15 million each year to the Canadian economy. “

The Equine Canada 2011 Election Candidate Questionnaire is available by clicking here .