Jumping’s Global Champions Tour Gets New Top Sponsor & Marketing Honcho

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Maucca Kärki

VALKENSWAARD, The Netherlands, Mar. 23–Maucca Kärki, Finnish born equestrian professional based in the Netherlands, has been appointed Director of Sponsoring, Marketing and Media of the Global Champions Tour of top jumping.

She will be responsible for international sponsor relationships as well as public relations, marketing and television. High quality television content has become a major focus of the Global Champions Tour

Maucca has extensive knowledge and experience in both the international equestrian world and in the media following several years working as a producer and journalist in both equestrian and mainstream media.

Before starting her own equestrian company in the Netherlands in 2003, Maucca studied law in Helsinki and worked as executive producer for television and film in Europe and in New York City for several years.

In recent years she has been involved primarily in commercial aspects of the equestrian world such as sponsoring, sports agency and horse trade globally. Maucca is expert in many aspects of horse sport, having competed internationally up to the highest level and is an active breeder and horse owner.

“To be able to try to create excellent circumstances for both top sport and entertainment and to be working with very high profile social surroundings is a fantastic opportunity for a Scandinavian globetrotter like me,” said Maucca in one of the seven languages she speaks.