Future Dressage Dress Code? Images from Wellington Classic Dressage

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Ilse Schwarz, a Florida-based Australian, riding 4th Level. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, Jan. 16–Almost a year after U.S. Olympian Courtney King Dye was injured in a horse accident that left her in a coma for weeks and is now undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation, the wearing of safety helmets in national level competitions is now so common place as to be the new normal in the U.S.

The change has not been as widespread even in the warmup rings at International Equestrian Federation (FEI) levels. Though we were not in the FEI arena at the time, we were informed reliably that Jennifer Baumert on Don Principe in the Intermediaire II and Mica Mabragana on Idillio II in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I wore helmets  during their competition rides.

Along with seeming more widespread safety helmet use, have come changes in rider fashion.

Some random images from the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center this weekend, one of an almost non-stop series of dressage competitions in Palm Beach over the winter months. Sunday results are at the bottom.

Christina Vinios riding Folkestone at Training Level. © 2011 SusanJStickle.com
Sweden's Tinne Wilhelmson-Silfvén schooling in the FEI arena. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
A top hat is still the norm in the FEI warmup arena, as seen on Tinne Wilhelmson-Silfvén warming up Favourit. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
A rider in the FEI schooling arena with no head covering of any kind, a noticeable exception. © 2011 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


FEI Prix St. Georges AA

(C) Poulin,

1    Eduardo Munoz    Flovino    69.474%

2    Chase Hickok    Palermo    68.684%

3    Janne H. Rumbough    JR    68.158%

4    John P. McGinty, Jr.    Chanel    66.579%

5    Anna M. Tillman    Dream Boy 35    65.789%

6    Alison W. Bilzerian    Rolando    65.263%

Marti Hohmann    Don Bellisimo    59.737%

Andrea Ilene Bayer    DW Double-O-Seven    55.789%

FEI Intermediaire 1

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    William Lee Tubman    De La Rosa    68.421%

2    Caroline Darcourt    Daisy    68.289%

3    Eliane Cordia- van Reesema    Jewel’s Sonnestern    68.289%

4    Diane Creech    Robbie W    67.500%

5    Crystal Kroetch    Lymrix    66.842%

6    Micaela Mabragana    Idilio II    66.579%

Kelly O’Shea Duncan    Baryshnikov    66.447%

Caroline Darcourt    Paridon Magi    66.184%

Jill Irving    Delvaux    65.658%

Jill Irving    Degas 12    65.395%

Kelly A. Corrigan-Dammeyer    Robinson 286    65.000%

Tine Zinglersen    D’escapado    64.868%

William Lee Tubman    Delight    62.632%

Cherri Reiber    Sargon Interagro    62.237%

Tine Zinglersen    Today    62.237%

Heather Ward    Aegis Wyoming    61.711%

FEI Young Rider Individual Test

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Mathilde Blais Tetreault    Michelangelo    66.053%

2    Esther Geller    Diamond Geezer    62.632%

FEI Junior Rider Individual Test

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Rachel M. Chowanec    Embrujado XI    65.263%

2    Juan P. Matute    Califa 15    64.737%

3    Danielle Howes    Savier    61.316%

FEI Young Rider Freestyle Test

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Katie Lynne Foster    Sacramento    71.125%

FEI Intermediaire 1 Freestyle

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Chris Curiger    Helios    60.875%

FEI Level or Equivalent Test of Choice

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Diane Creech    Hallmark 3             PSG    71.447%

2    Olivia Andrea LaGoy-Weltz    Urbanas               PSG    70.526%

3    Kathy Priest    Wild Dancer           PSG    67.763%

4    Lynda Alicki    Ikaros                  GP    67.553%

5    Jennifer L. Baumert    Don Principe           I2    66.053%

6    Barbara B Davis    Bohdjan                PC    65.870%

Christopher Hickey    Donarweiss ggf         GP    65.745%

Sommerville Harris    Neptuno YAC           BC    63.846%

Nadine Buberl    Libertino               PSG    62.763%

Jennifer Miller    Whizard               PSG    61.184%

Yvonne Losos de Muniz    Gorrion Penatoro      PSG    61.053%

Jessica Kissel    Liberty                  BC    58.333%

Lynne A. Kimball-Davis    Upper Class           PSG    58.289%

USEF Training Level Test 2

(C) Poulin,

1    Ilse Schwarz    Don Joseph    72.500%

2    Janne H. Rumbough    Afilado    68.571%

3    Jules Anderson    Ferrone    66.429%

USEF Training Level Test 3

(C) Poulin,

1    Janne H. Rumbough    Afilado    67.600%

2    Mary-Cameron Rollins    Abracadabra    66.800%

3    Joanna Crilly    KRS Dolly Bird    66.400%

4    Jaclyn D. Fried    Custom Freestyle’s Nids    64.000%

5    Christopher Hickey    Balissa HTF    61.200%

USEF Training Level Test of Choice

(C) Poulin,

1    Christina Vinios    Folkestone               1    73.750%

2    Jules Anderson    Ferrone                  2    67.143%

3    Ilse Schwarz    Arrick Harper             1    61.667%

USEF First Level Test 2

(C) Poulin,

1    Melissa Palmer    All About Me    69.730%

2    Amy Mikutowski    Amadeus    62.703%

USEF First Level Test of Choice

(C) Poulin,

1    Michael Davis    Rotano                   1    79.655%

USEF Second Level Test of Choice

(C) Poulin,

1    Holly J Neary    Regis                    1    67.143%

USEF Third Level Test 2

(C) Poulin,

1    Lisa Tota    Agamemnon Interagro    61.951%

2    Natasha Radojcic    Pernod    59.756%

USEF Third Level Test 3

(C) Poulin,

1    Elizabeth K Walker    Fuerst Klasse    71.795%

2    Ann-Louise Cook    Nuits St. George    66.667%

2    Debbie Banas    Magritzza    66.667%

4    Jeffery Lord    Legacy’s Conquistador Del Sol    65.897%

USEF Fourth Level Test 2

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Jan A. Brons    Zonneglans    69.865%

2    Svetlana Gorski    Audio    54.054%

USEF Fourth Level Test 3

(E) Lewis,  (C) Trentelman,

1    Jules Anderson    Brendan Braveheart    63.750%

2    Elena Oleinikova    La Maja    58.625%

USEF Fourth Level Test of Choice

(C) Poulin,

1    Ilse Schwarz    Giselle                  1    72.571%

2    Ellen Lazarus    Rhett                   1    64.286%