Kyra Kyrklund to Supervise Swedish Dressage Team

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Kyra Kyrklund on Max © Ken Braddick/

Kyra Kyrklund, top international rider and trainer, has been named supervisor for the Swedish Dressage Team beginning immediately.

Kyra will assist Swedish Chef d´Equipe Bo Jenå with strategic planning and long term goals. She will also support the work leading up to the FEI European Dressage Championships in 2011 and the Olympic Games in 2012. In addition, she will help with development for the younger talents.

Details of Kyra’s new position were finalized this week between Kyra Kyrklund, Per Lundberg, Chairman of the Swedish Dressage Committee, Bo Jenå, Swedish Chef d´Equipe and Sports Director of the Swedish Equestrian Federation, Wiveka Lundh.

Finish born Kyra is based in England and is well known around the world as a trainer.

Kyra Kyrklund was Chief Dressage Trainer at the Swedish National stud, Flyinge, for many years.

“We worked together for almost eight years during the 1990s and trained stallions and students together at Flyinge,” Bo Jenå said.

“It was, and will be, a pleasure to take part of Kyra’s knowledge, training methods and her inventiveness to seek a unique solution for every problem.”

For Swedish dressage, 2011 is a decisive year with an Olympic trial in the European Dressage Championships in August.

“We will make a strong and focused effort for the Championships but also keep an eye on the young riders to build a platform for the future,” Per Lundberg said.

Kyra’s students have included Swedish dressage riders Jan Brink, Minna Telde and other Swedish riders in the sponsored project “Knytkalaset,” which she will continue along with her new duties.

Hubertus Schmidt was acting supervisor for the Swedish Dressage Team last year but declined to continue for personal reasons, though the Swedish riders are still welcome to continue training with Hubertus at his barn in Germany.