Ulla Salzgeber & Herzruf’s Erbe Win Frankfurt World Cup Qualifier

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Ulla Salzgeber and Herzruf's Erbe at Frankfurt.
Ulla Salzgeber and Herzruf's Erbe at Frankfurt.

FRANKFURT, Germany, Dec. 19–Ulla Salzgeber, riding Herzruf’s Erbe to a mix of modern and holiday music, won the FEI World Cup Grand Prix Freestyle qualifier Sunday to share the top of the West European League rankings with Isabell Werth.

Isabell Werth competed her third different horse, the nine-year-old El Santo NRW, in the 10-event winter indoor series to take the runnerup position. Frankfurt marked the halfway point in the series leading to the final in Leipzig, Germany at the end of April.

Both Ulla and the 11-year-old Rhinelander gelding and Isabell and El Santo had problems with the tempi changes but Ulla ended up the winner scoring 78.45 per cent with Isabell second on 77.95 per cent and Matthias Alexander Rath and Sterntaler-UNICEF in third on 76.55 per cent. He is the new rider for Totilas.

“I’m super-happy, he is always powerful,  successful and more dynamic,” said Isabell of the horse she calls “Ernie.”

Ulla and Herzruf’s Erbe won the Grand Prix on Saturday, with Isabell and El Santo in second place.

The top three and five of the top six placings were filled by German combinations–including three of the four members of the German team at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky three months ago. Only Denmark’s Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein on Digby broke the German domination by finishing in fourth place with 76.250 per cent.

The return of Ulla and Herzruf’s Erbe to a full competition schedule after a long break to recover from a hock injury at Aachen, Germany, in 2009 has been successful with a string of high placings this year.

Isabell won both previous World Cup qualifiers she has competed in this season, one with her Olympic gold medal mount Satchmo and the other with her 2007 World Cup champion partner Warum Nicht FRH.

Before Sunday’s Frankfurt freestyle, German-based Catherine Haddad of the USA had been atop the WEL standings after the World Cup qualifier at the London International Horse Show at Olympia last week but she now drops to third ranking.

The West European League rankings:
1. Isabell Werth Germany 57
1. Ulla Salzgeber Germany 57
3. Catherine Haddad USA 54
4. Richard Davison Great Britain 44
5. Adelinde Cornelissen Netherands 43
6. Helen Langehanenberg Germany 36
7. Christa Larrakkers Netherlands 33
8. Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein Denmark 30
9. Nina Hoffman Sweden 29
9. Sune Hansen Denmark 29
11. Matthias Alexander Rath Germany 28
12. Aat van Essen Netherlands 26
12. Hans Peter Minderhoud Netherlands 26
14. Ulrike Prunthaller Austria 24
15. Anna Luise Ross Davies Great Britain 23
15. Patrik Kittel Sweden 23
15. Mikaela Lindh Finland 23
18. Heike Kemmer Germany 21
18. Sylvia Zimmer Germany 21
20. Anky van Grunsven Netherlands 17
20. Laura Bechtolsheimer Great Britain 17
20. Peter Gmoser Austria 17
20. Sabine Becker Germany 17
24. Tinne Wilhelmsson Silfvén Sweden 15
24. Valentina Truppa Italy 15
24. Sidsel Johansen Denmark 15
27. Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard Sweden 14
27. Claudia Fassaert Belgium 14
29. Falk Rosenbauer Germany 13
29. Bente Kronberg Jensen Denmark 13
29. Amy Stovold Great Britain 13

The next World Cup qualifier in the WEL is scheduled for Mechelen, Belgium at the end of this month.

Complete results of the Grand Prix Freestyle:

Platzierte Teilnehmer
1. 322 Herzruf’s Erbe Salzgeber, Ulla GER 6600 EUR 78.450 Punkte
F 11-j.W v.Herzruf/M.v.Caletto I/RHEINLÄNDE/GER28121/B: Salzgeber,Ulla
2. 518 El Santo NRW Werth, Isabell GER 4700 EUR 77.950 Punkte
B 9-j.W v.Ehrentusch/M.v.Rhythmus/RHLD/GER44504/B: Winter-Schulze,Madeleine
3. 191 Sterntaler – UNICEF Rath, Matthias Alexander GER 3800 EUR 76.550 Punkte
DB 15-j.W v.Sion/M.v.Manstein/OLD/GER23075/B: Linsenhoff,Ann Kathrin
4. 82 Digby Sayn-Wittgenstein, Nathalie zu DEN 2400 EUR 76.250 Punkte
DB 13-j.H v.Donnerhall/M.v.Sandro/DK/DEN02670/B: Sayn-Wittgenstein,Nathalie zu
5. 87 Donnperignon Koschel, Christoph GER 1900 EUR 75.750 Punkte
DF 11-j.W v.Donnerhall/M.v.Mozart II 79/FIN.WB./GER25410/B: Hof Beckerode GmbH,
6. 226 Responsible OLD Langehanenberg, Helen GER 1800 EUR 73.650 Punkte
R 11-j.S v.Rohdiamant/M.v.Freudenprinz/OLD/GER40235/B: Mertens-Gahlen,Gabriele
7. 174 Blue Hors Romanov Hansen, Sune DEN 1700 EUR 72.050 Punkte
B 10-j.H v.Rohdiamant/M.v.Grundstein II/OLD/DEN40408/B: Blue Horse Aps,
8. 70 Corinth Krinke-Susmelj, Marcela SUI 1600 EUR 71.850 Punkte
14-j.W v.Cheenook/M.v.Fumiro/OLD/SUI09493/B: Stadelmayer,Hans
9. 101 Kohlpharmas Florett As Kittel, Patrik SWE 1500 EUR 71.650 Punkte
R 13-j.H v.Florestan I/M.v.Urofino/WESTF/BER00097/B: Kohl,Edwin
10. 150 Lydianus Haid Bondergaard, Charlotte SWE 1400 EUR 70.950 Punkte
DB 13-j.H v.Lorentin I/M.v.Caribo GL/HOLST/SWE40196/B: Norrehee Dressage Stable A
11. 120 Lamarc WRT Becker, Sabine GER 1300 EUR 69.850 Punkte
DB 14-j.W v.Leggiero/M.v.Kronprinz xx/OLD/GER41542/B: Becker,Sabine
12. 173 Rokoko N Eversfield-Koch, Elizabeth SUI 1200 EUR 66.100 Punkte
DB 10-j.W v.Rubinstern Noir/M.v.Montano/BRDBG/GER43342/B: Eversfield-Koch,Elizabe
13. 133 Le Beau Jorissen, Philippe BEL 1100 EUR 64.800 Punkte
DF 12-j.H v.Le Coeur/M.v.Classiker/OLD/BEL41745/B: Jorissen,Philippe u.Nicole
14. 86 Donnerfee Fassaert, Claudia BEL 1000 EUR 64.400 Punkte
DB 10-j.S v.De Niro/M.v.Rosenkavalier/OLD/BEL41868/B: Hooghe-Verhoeven,Dirk
15. 386 Weinzauber Acs, Robert HUN 1000 EUR 63.750 Punkte
BAY 13-j.W v.Weinberg/M.v.Upan la Jarthe/WESTFALE/GER22004/B: Acs, Robert
Angaben zur Prüfung:
Richter: (E) V.Truppa (ITA) Gesamt-Geldpreis:
33000 EUR
(H) G.Fouarge (NED)
(C) D.Plewa (GER)
(M) E.Eisenhardt (GER)
(B) S.Clarke (GBR)