Adelinde Beats Laura in Olympia World Cup Freestyle Qualifier

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Adelinde Cornelissen on Parzival celebrating her victory at Olympia. Photo Courtesy Olympia
Adelinde Cornelissen on Parzival celebrating her victory at Olympia. © 2010 Kit Houghton/Olympia

LONDON, Dec. 15–Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival won the Olympia World Cup qualifying Grand Prix Freestyle before a packed house Wednesday night, handily beating Britain’s world championship silver medal stars Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris.

Adelinde of the Netherlands and the 13-year-old chestnut gelding scored 83.650 per cent to take their second straight West European League qualifier for the Final in Leipzig, Germany at the end of April. They won in Stockholm in November.

Laura and her 15-year-old chestnut gelding finished with 80.050 per cent, their lowest freestyle score in almost two years, while Holland’s Edward Gal and Sisther de Jeu placed third on 77.050.

America’s Catherine Haddad on her 10-year-old World Equestrian Games U.S. team reserve mount Winyamaro posted their highest score to date with 74.800 per cent in a ride to music by Pink that excited the crowd with a combination of one-tempi and two-tempi changes on half circles and a one-handed final passage.

With Wednesday night’s result in the fourth of 10 World Cup qualifiers in the West European League, Catherine goes to the top of the standings with 52 points, ahead of Adelinde on 43 points and Germany’s Isabell Werth on 40 points. Those rankings are almost certain to change by week’s end when Isabell competes at the qualifier in Frankfurt, Germany, marking the halfway point in the only annual global championship for dressage.

The sellout crowd of 7,000 spectators buzzed with excitement about the showdown between Laura, the biggest star in the history of British dressage, and Adelinde and Parzival who was at the top of the world rankings for a month last year, in their first head to head competition since the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in September. There, Laura and Mistral Hojris won three silver medals while Adelinde was awarded a team goal because the pair started for Holland but Parzival nicked his tongue enough to draw blood and thus be disqualified from the Grand Prix.

In the Grand Prix on Tuesday, Laura and Mistral Hojris were clear winners but the Briton admitted that in their first competitions since WEG and their first indoor show of the season, she was nervous about their freestyle performance. It turns out she had reason to be so as the horse she calls “Alf” spooked in a corner during the passage and there was a loss of rhythm in the collected walk in a series of small mistakes.

However, they completed the test with their trademark spectacular passage–among the movements that earned them 19 marks of 10 during the Grand Prix when everything clicked for the pair.

“It was a little bit tricky,” admitted Laura. “He’s not really made for the indoor season. He did some fantastic work, and is so powerful that even with a few mistakes he can still get a good mark.”

The two young women–Adelinde is aged 31 while Laura is 26–would be No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in the world if the FEI rankings reflected the sale of the Moorlands Totilas and the assignment of Germany’s Matthias Alexander Rath to replace Edward Gal as the rider.

The last of 15 riders from six nations, Adelinde rode Parzival to music from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite to show off confident and relaxed extended canter, clean tempi changes and their final passage that Adelinde punctuated with a fist pump knowing they had performed well.

“I was lucky to have a good draw (last to go), but the main thing was to get the horse relaxed and then I didn’t have to take any risks,” Adelinde said.

Complete Grand Prix scores:

1. 13 Jerich Parzival Cornelissen, Adelinde NED 6600 EUR 83.650 points
chest 13y.G /Jazz/Ulft/KWPN/NED08261/ Cornelissen,W.P.J. & M.A.
2. 6 Mistral Hojris Bechtolsheimer, Laura GBR 4710 EUR 80.050 points
chest 15y.G /Michellino/Ibsen/DWB/DEN02686/ Bechtolsheimer,Dr Wilfried
3. 14 Sisther de Jeu Gal, Edward NED 3770 EUR 77.050 points
bay 11y.M /Gribaldi/Amor/KWPN/NED08027/ Jeu,Emma de
4. 16 Winyamaro Haddad, Catherine USA 2360 EUR 74.800 points
chest 10y.G /Walt Disney I/Trapper/HANN/GER42878/ Haddad,Catherine
5. 12 Macbrian Stovold, Amy GBR 1890 EUR 74.050 points
dchst 13y.G /Bjorsells Briar/Brabant/SWB/GBR42599/ Stovold,Maggi
6. 8 Hiscox Artemis Davison, Richard GBR 1790 EUR 73.750 points
bay 11y.G /Florestan/Delphi/WESTF/CAN02525/ Countess of Derby
7. 3 Skovlunds Más Guapo Lindh, Mikaela FIN 1700 EUR 73.200 points
black 12y.G /Master/Cannon Row xx/DWB/DEN40427/ Elsass,Alexandra
8. 5 Louis D’Or Andersen, Henriette GBR 1600 EUR 71.350 points
bay 13y.G /Heslegard’s Louis/Grandis/DWB/GBR14571/ Mrs P Potter
9. 7 Mr President Croxford, Stephanie GBR 1510 EUR 70.750 points
dchst 16y.G /HACK/GBR13293/ Croxford,Stephanie
10. 11 Pegasus MK Ross-Davies, Anna GBR 1410 EUR 70.350 points
black 13y.G /Elcaro/KWPN/GBR12237/ Bowles,Peter
11. 10 Fitzcerraldo Harvey, Judith GBR 1320 EUR 69.750 points
bay 12y.G /Feuerbrand/Ajan/BRAND/GBR13111/ Mr R W Heley
12. 2 Rubel 13 Verliefden, Fanny BEL 1230 EUR 68.450 points
black 15y.G /Rubinstein I/Tin Rocco/OLDBG/BEL10737/ Fanny Verliefden
13. 1 Rintje V Meganck, Hans BEL 1130 EUR 67.950 points
black 13y.S /BEL40820/ Arie van Vugt
14. 4 Helio II Serre, Arnaud FRA 1040 EUR 67.700 points
grey 15y.S /Flamenco XII/Banquero VI/PRE/FRA07898/ Fresnillo+Roziere
15. 9 Elmegardens Marquis Faurie, Emile GBR 940 EUR retired
bay 11y.G /Michellino/DWB/EST40062/ Mr E Faurie
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