FEI Approves 2011 Equine Prohibited Substances List, Available by iPhone

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TAIPEI, Nov, 5–The International Equestrian Federation General Assembly on Friday unanimously approved an updated Equine Prohibited Substances List for 2011 that is available by iPhone.

The List was recommended by the FEI List Group following a year of consultation with national federations and experts, and after the Congress on the use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in horses hosted by the FEI in Lausanne, Switzerland in August.

The List does not allow the use of NSAIDs in competition. It is available here.

However, it was agreed that the FEI should provide a greater level of guidance on detection times for post-event usage of certain NSAIDs, specifically Phenylbutazone and Flunixin, in commonly used low dosages.

Similarly, the 2011 List does not permit use of salicylic acid at events, but raises the current threshold level to harmonize it with other international regulators. The FEI has always had a threshold level for salicylic acid, but has now restored the level to its previous limit to match that allowed by racing authorities.

The List will be available through a mobile phone application that was launched earlier this week.

The Clean Sport app allows immediate access to the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances online database, which was developed early in 2010.

The app will initially be available for iPhone users only, however the FEI is investigating how to adapt the technology for other smart phones.

The app is available to download Free of Charge from at the iTunes Store.

As well as enabling users to easily navigate the Equine Prohibited Substances database, the app also includes short definitions on each substance as well as a selection of common trade names to avoid confusion.

A feedback function enable users to seek further advice or clarification.