Hayley Beresford’s New Direction-Back to Germany

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Hayley Beresford riding Furst Grandios (Furst Heinrich/Argentinus). © 2010 Kian Bullock
Hayley Beresford riding Furst Grandios (Furst Heinrich/Argentinus). © 2010 Kian Bullock

LIPPETAL-LIPPBORG, Germany, Oct. 30–Hayley Beresford, who competed for Australia at the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 World Equestrian Games, has relocated to the German stud that is the home of the internationally renowned breeding stallion, Belissimo M.

The 32-year-old Hayley disclosed the move after eight months in Switzerland where she moved to be with her husband, Kian, after leaving the training facility of Isabell Werth.

Since the WEG in Kentucky, she said, “I have concentrated my efforts to our new direction. Yep, new direction. Eight months ago, my husband and I relocated to Switzerland so we could actually be together. There we met many wonderful people and had a ball living the Swiss way of life.

“However, plans are always evolving in my life and I wanted to try something new. Independence. Yep, holy cow, independence!”

They moved to “wonderful facilities and a super support network” at the stables that are the home of the 11-year-old Rheinländer, Belissimo M, Furst Grandios and the five-year-old Westfalen, Blickpunkt 4, as well as the 13-year-old Lusitano stallion, Relãmpago do Retiro.

“It seems that hunde, hubby and horses all approve of the new environment so it’s onwards and upwards,” she said. “For the next month I am concentrated on the training of the stallions as we prepare for the winter stallion shows.”

She said that Relãmpago continues to recover well from the injury that led to elimination in the Grand Prix at WEG.