US Federation Launches Dressage Talent Search

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Debbie McDonald.© Ken Braddick/
Debbie McDonald.© Ken Braddick/

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, May 10–The U. S. Equestrian Federation has launched a Dressage Talent Search Program in conjunction with training sessions with Developing Dressage Coach Debbie McDonald.

Applicant riders will present their horses in groups of up to three for 30-minute evaluations one day prior to the USEF Developing Rider Training Session. Debbie will select two horse/rider combinations from all pairs observed that day and they then will be invited to participate in the USEF training session held by Debbie on the subsequent two days.

The clinic schedule is June 5-6 in California, June12-13 and July 10-11 in New Jersey.

“I am very excited about this Dressage Talent Search Program,” she said. “This is a great opportunity for riders and their horses that feel they have something special to be recognized. If they are chosen, this will open up doors to future Developing Clinics and hopefully some direction, to develop them as promising up and coming combinations for the USA!”

The aim of the program is to identify combinations that have world-class potential.

The requirements:

– All riders with horses aged four to 14 years of age;

– – Riders must be at least 16 years old;

— Riders must be U.S. citizens unless room is available in a clinic then open places are available for riders above third level with no citizenship requirement;

– Riders submit an application with a $50 application fee for each horse (application available on the USEF website by May 20), and

– Riders may enter as many horses as they want but must pay a separate application fee for each horse.