UPDATE: Courtney Starts Speaking, Steffen Peters’ Photos for Autographs Donated by Susan J Stickle for Courtney Fundraiser

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Susan J Stickle Photo of Steffen Peters
Susan J Stickle Photo of Steffen Peters

WELLINGTON, Florida, Apr. 7–Courtney King Dye, the American Olympic rider in rehabilitation from a horse accident that fractured her skull, began speaking clearly Wednesday, her husband, Jason, reported.

“Great news today!.” he wrote on Courtney’s web site. “Courtney has been working with her speech therapist daily, she started today saying a vague ‘Hi’ and by the end of the day was saying ‘Thank you for your hard work’ to one of her nurses.

“She still has a long journey ahead of her in the Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy sessions. However, Court continues to amaze me with her strength, determination and positive attitude in such a life changing situation, hopefully the next update will come from her!”

Susan J Stickle, one of America’s top equestrian photographers, has donated 50 copies of a photo of Steffen Peters and Ravel for autographs for the fundraiser for Courtney this Saturday, while raffle tickets for a GPA Speed Air safety helmet have been sold as far away as Australia.

The Sue Stickle photo, shown above, was of Steffen and Ravel in the victory gallop for the Grand Prix at the Exquis World Dressage Masters in Palm Beach two months ago. Fifty photos were donated by Sue to be autographed by Steffen and sold for $20 each at the fund raiser at Carol Cohen’s Two Swans Farm in Wellington.

The fund raiser centers around an all-day clinic by Steffen for which he is donating all the proceeds.

About 100 people are expected to attend a lunch donated by Kim and Frederic Boyer of Hampton Green Farm that begins at 1:30 p.m. Donations of $30 are being requested for the lunch that also includes auditing the clinic that begins at 7:15 a.m.

The GPA safety helmet emblazoned with the Stars & Stripes that is worn by Steffen and members of U.S. show jumping teams was donated by GPA for the raffle. Tickets are $20.

Ilse Schwarz, an Australian who lives in Wellington and is GPA sponsored rider, said that tickets have been sold across the United States and at least two tickets have been sold in Australia.

Ilse arranges Steffen’s monthly clinics in Wellington and is also organizing the fund raiser.

GPA "Stars & Stripes" helmet worn by Ilse Schwarz. © 2010 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
GPA "Stars & Stripes" helmet worn by Ilse Schwarz. © 2010 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Raffle tickets are available at Red Barn Feed & Supply in Loxahatchee, Tackeria and On Course Consignment in Wellington and Mary’s Tack & Feed in Del Mar, California.

Raffle tickets are available and reservations for the lunch can be made to Ilse by email at ilse@dressage-news.com or phone 561-714-6264.

Courtney, 32, and a member of the U.S. Olympic team in 2008, was injured when a horse she was riding slipped from under her on Mar. 3, fracturing her skull.

She was in a coma in a West Palm Beach hospital for three weeks before being flown to The Kessler Institute in West Orange, New Jersey, for rehabilitation and to be closer to her home.

Steffen, who lives in San Diego, California, made the offer of donating a day of clinic fees after visiting Courtney in the hospital while he was in Wellington in mid-March for his monthly two-day teaching session.

“It was very emotional to see the condition of my team mate and an incredibly talented rider that I’ve been fortunate enough to help at times,” he said. “This is the least I can do for Courtney and her husband, Jason, as they go through their ordeal.

“It’s important at this time to let Courtney know we’re all standing by her.”

U.S. Olympians Robert Dover and Lisa Wilcox and World Championship competitors Oded Shimoni of Israel and Kelly Layne of Australia will be available at lunch for an informal questions and answer session.

All donation for the lunch and the clinic, the raffle and photos will go to Courtney to help meet medical expenses.

Clinic participants include Tina Konyot, Katherine Bateson-Chandler, J.J. Tate, John Zopatti, Betsy Steiner and Ilse Schwarz.