Brett Parberry & Victory Salute Win World Cup Pacific League

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WERRIBEE, Australia, Dec. 12–Brett Parberry on Victory Salute won the FEI World Cup Pacic League Final Saturday night, but he is undecided whether to compete in the Final in the Netherlands.
The combination scored 75.300 per cent with Rachel Sanna and Jaybee Alabaster second on 71.700 per cent and Rozzie Ryan and Jive Magic third on 68.700 per cent to finish slightly ahead of her husband, Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi, at 68.600 per cent. Heath Ryan was the 2009 Pacific League champion who competed in the Final at Las Vegas.
“There is still more there–I am still holding him back a little in the arena to keep everything very regular, try and get a seven or an eight for every movement,” Breet said.”That has been my plan all year, consolidate everything for a seven and then try to find where I can get some eights as well. You just can’t afford to get eights and fours.”

About the Final, he said: “If we go we would need to leave the horse overseas in Germany, Holland or the U.S. until the World Games in September. I am not sure which place would benefit our campaign the most. Then there are the financial issues and our own business to consider.”

To add to the mix, Brett and his wife, Mel, are also expecting their first child in May.

“My whole goal is to try and cement in the minds of the dressage community, firstly to myself but then to the international judges and public that we are a solid 70 per cent and above combination; the question is how best to do that considering our training plan and, of course, budget.

“I don’t feel I need to find a special trainer overseas. I am happy working with Caroline [Lieutenant, owner of Victory Salute]. That has been working well for us. Caroline has been fantastic; she is an owner, sponsor and trainer in one!

“At this point I do not feel I need to learn my craft from a trainer, it is now about fine tuning. I benefit from watching other top riders and taking in new ideas that way, or through a discussion.”

Second Rachael Sanna was eager to show what she and Bev Edwards’ 10-year-old Jaybee Alabaster they could do after missing the Australian National Championships in October.

“I was very pleased with him,” she said. “There were a few mistakes but that did not take away from how happy I am with the horse, it was a really good result.”

The 2010 Final will be in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in mid-March.
Brett Parberry and Victory Salute at Aachen, Germany. © 2008 Ken Braddick
Brett Parberry and Victory Salute. © 2008 Ken Braddick