Isabell Werth Discloses She Is Expecting a Boy

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Isabell Werth. © 2008 Ken Braddick/
Isabell Werth. © 2008 Ken Braddick/
RHEINBERG, Germany, Oct. 28–Isabell Werth disclosed Tuesday that she is expecting a boy.

In the latest update on her Internet site, the world’s former No. 1 dressage rider–she is still ranked second despite not having competed for points for more than four months–the 40-year-old who has won five Olympic gold medals reported.

“Meantime, I dropped my riding since my pregnant belly gets in the way all the time. Of course I am in the barn every day giving riding lessons.

“They say that babies realize a lot of their environment. Our son, yes, we are expecting a son, probably has already learned a lot about entering the center line or riding a nice extension.

“Dressage lessons instead of Beethoven – that supposedly relaxes also. The horses are relaxed as well and they are all in a good shape. I am anxious how it feels to ride them being slender and slim again. But I guess I have to be patient a little while.”

Isabell is expected to give birth to her son next month.