Extraordinary Collection of Talented, Accomplished 7YOs at World Young Horse Championships.

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Anna Kasprzak riding Danciero to first place in world 7-year-old qualifying competition. © 2023 Ilse Schwarz/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com


ERMELO, Netherlands, Aug. 4, 2023–What an extraordinary collection of talented and accomplished quality seven-year-old horses at the World Young Horse Championships.

This year, it has to be said that the quality over all divisions was outrageously good. I feel confident in saying, the best ever as a whole. I vividly remember when the seven-year-old division started and it was like a poorly executed version of a sad Prix St Georges for many of the horses. As the years have passed, this has actually become a realistic goal in the progression of training for the talented young horse and this year, 2023, it was wonderful to see so many horses competing that also presented as five-year-olds.

It is also worth noting that the judges have shown over the past few years that they have no interest in rewarding manufactured, tense versions of expression so as the horse reach this very first step of their FEI careers we see so much beautiful riding and correct execution of the movements that we can really see how this will progress to true FEI careers.

Hope Beerling, an Australian riding on the USA-bred Vianne, in the World Young Horse Championships for seven-year-olds. © 2023 Ilse Schwarz/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

This class held extra interest to me as one of the competitors, Hope Beerling of Australia, was competing for the USA on the delightful mare Vianne, was bred by Catherine Haddad Staller of the USA.

Hope had contacted me as a fellow Aussie about a position when she first made the decision to leave Australia for training. I gave her Catherine’s contact, and then assured Catherine that she was worth taking a chance on, even though she would only be on a travel visa for three months. Obviously, it was the right decision for both of them and I have been so very excited by the progress and development of Hope. What an achievement for her making it here on a horse she actually started.

As I move to reporting on the results, it is truly fun to note that the top two places in this class, the stallions Danciero (Dancier x Fuchtels Floriscount) and Global Player, (Grand Galaxy Win x Blue Hors Don Schufro) were both medalists with Eva Möller as their rider in the five and six year old divisions. Eva retired earlier this year from competition as one of the top young horse riders, but it is wonderful to see the horses successful under their new riders.

Hope, 23, and Vianne were third to go in a class of 40 rides. Not the world’s best draw, but what can you do?

She had a beautiful ride. The mare is so elastic through her body in all the gaits and has such cadence, balance and scope in the trot. Neither Hope nor Vianne were affected by the atmosphere. Hope’s aids for the flying changes are basically invisible, with only a small mistake in a half pass.

I had my fingers crossed that the judges would look at the performance and not either flag Hope was wearing–yes, she had the Australian flag on her jacket and the USA flag on her saddle pad. The judges couldn’t have cared less about the flags and rewarded the ride with a 77.234. Let me tell you it was a seriously long day waiting to see if she made the finals directly. I am happy to report she finished in 10th place, beating some extremely well known, successful riders. I can now say that I have seen Catherine crying, The mare she bred and trained was in the top 10 in the world, with the rider she has developed and nurtured… I would be ugly crying. It was special to be involved, even on the fringes.

This was a really fun class as there were top rides throughout. Some I predicted, some I totally didn’t! It was extra lovely to see some of my favorite stallions, Hesselhoej Donkey Boy and Dante Weltino OLD as sires of some of the top 12.

The winner of the class was the stallion Danciero, now ridden by Anna Kasprzak for Helgstrand Dressage/Schockemöhle. He was uniformly very good in everything: trot 9.1, walk 9.2, canter 8.6, submission 9.0, perspective 9.3, a technical score 76.250% for a total of 83.325%.

Global Player with Leonie Richter aboard placing second in the World Young Horse Championships qualifier for seven-year-olds. © 2023 Ilse Schwarz/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

In second place was the stallion Global Player OLD. He was world champion six-year-old last year with Eva Möller and I certainly wouldn’t bet against him doing the same again this year, ridden by Leonie Richter of Germany. He dropped to walk in his canter pirouette right which had a big impact on the canter, submission and technical scores. He had 9.4 for trot, walk 9.3, canter 8.6, submission 7.7 and perspective 9.3 with a technical score of 77.768% for a final total of 83.184%.

Third place went to the Dimaggio stallion Diaton (Dimaggio x Benetton Dream) ridden by Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer for Germany. The duo directly followed Hope and held their high ranking through the entire class: trot 8.9, walk 9.3, canter 8.8, submission 8.8, perspective 9.4 for technical of 75.714% and a total of 83.057%.

Diaton ridden by Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer. © 2023 Ilse Schwarz/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

Las Vegas (Ferdeux x Wynton) currently ridden by Hans Peter Minderhoud for the Netherlands is an extraordinarily loose, powerful large stallion with a canter that drew gasps from the spectators. With such incredibly big movement on such an enormous stallion, the collection is still a little tricky, but he has all the presence in the world and is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Unfortunately his walk is a little tight, although in clean rhythm: trot 8.9, walk 7.5, canter 9.0, submission 8.6, perspective 9.0, technical 76.340% for a total of 81.170% This was the only score over the last two days to elicit “boos” from the crowd!

Lightning Star ridden by Kirsten Brouwer. © Ilse Schwarz/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

In 5th place was the continually delightful mare Lightning Star (Ferguson x De Niro) ridden for the Netherlands by Kristen Brouwer. This petite mare blew me away when she arrived in the 5-year-old division in 2021, and again in 2022. Well, she is here as a serious contender in 2023, too. Trot 8.8, walk 8.8, canter 8.5, submission 8.3, perspective 8.8, technical 74.018%, for a final score of 80.209%


World Breeding Championship for Young Horses – First Qualification for 7-year-old-Horses
Place Competitor Score E H C C B
Anna Kasprzak (DEN)
Danciero 7
83.325% 75.179 90.400 90.400 77.321
Leonie Richter (GER)
Global Player OLD
83.184% 79.464 88.600 88.600 76.071
Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer (GER)
Diaton 3
83.057% 74.464 90.400 90.400 76.964
Hans Peter Minderhoud (NED)
Las Vegas
81.170% 78.214 86.000 86.000 74.464
Kirsten Brouwer (NED)
Lightning Star
80.209% 73.036 86.400 86.400 75.000
Susanne Barnow (DEN)
Skovdals Dexter
78.995% 72.321 85.400 85.400 72.857
Isabell Werth (GER)
78.400% 74.821 81.800 81.800 75.179
Vendela Eriksdotter Rubin (SWE)
78.240% 73.214 83.800 83.800 72.143
Claudia Chauchard (FRA)
Apachi VD Biebosschen
77.395% 72.679 82.200 82.200 72.500
Hope Beerling (USA)
77.234% 72.321 84.200 84.200 68.214
Ida Nordenberg Küchenmeistern (SWE)
Moretti Weltino
76.984% 72.500 81.200 81.200 73.036
Sarah Rogers (GBR)
Forest Hill
76.804% 69.286 82.000 82.000 73.929
Annika Korte (GER)
76.584% 73.214 80.400 80.400 72.321
Tommie Visser (BEL)
Quinten Begijnhoeve
76.058% 70.536 81.400 81.400 70.893
Niels Bax (NED)
First Lewis
76.013% 70.179 81.400 81.400 71.071
Santiago Damil (GER)
L’ Amore Per Sempre OLD
75.916% 72.321 79.600 79.600 72.143
Lena Waldmann (GER)
Belinda FRH
75.550% 73.214 78.600 78.600 71.786
Fransisco Benitez Sanchez (NED)
Lord Platinum
74.534% 70.893 78.800 78.800 69.643
Thamar Zweistra (NED)
Hexagons Luxuriouzz
74.202% 71.964 77.600 77.600 69.643
Kristine Möller-Engel (LUX)
DSP Big Bang
74.036% 71.429 77.000 77.000 70.714
Susanne Barnow (DEN)
Aatoftens Dancing Memory
74.024% 70.893 77.600 77.600 70.000
Lone Bang Zindorff (DEN)
Bruunholms Flora
73.309% 69.643 77.600 77.600 68.393
Majken Faaborg Glerup (DEN)
Midt-West Franceska
73.288% 69.107 77.200 77.200 69.643
Jennifer Svensson (SWE)
73.111% 70.179 76.400 76.400 69.464
Helene Melsen (SWE)
72.679% 70.357 75.000 75.000 70.357
Charlotta Rogerson (SUI)
72.652% 67.857 77.000 77.000 68.750
Nina Verina Braun (GER)
Borsalino’s Fairytale
71.699% 66.786 74.200 74.200 71.607
Ruben Gonzalez Soto (ESP)
Degas de Ymas
71.142% 68.929 73.800 73.800 68.036
Martin Hauptmann (AUT)
71.049% 66.786 75.400 75.400 66.607
Claudio Castilla Ruiz (ESP)
Zeo Jocha
70.127% 66.607 73.200 73.200 67.500
Alicia Ryan (AUS)
Merricks Sonique
69.849% 66.250 74.000 74.000 67.143
Laura Tomlinson (GBR)
Full Moon II
69.486% 68.214 70.400 70.400 68.929
Charlotte Chalvignac (FRA)
Diamonds Diva 5
69.195% 67.857 70.800 70.800 67.321
Alberto García-Briñon Martín (ESP)
Pampero FS
68.525% 68.571 70.800 70.800 63.929
Juan De Dios Ramírez García (ESP)
Corinto Azores
67.125% 68.036 68.000 68.000 64.464
Tom Heylen (BEL)
Quberon van het Beukenhof
67.015% 65.893 67.600 67.600 66.964
Andrea Sangiorgi (ITA)
Soiree’s Night PS
66.813% 67.321 68.000 68.000 63.929
Adelinde Cornelissen (NED)
66.450% 65.536 70.400 70.400 59.464
Roberto Brasil (POR)
Victory Prime
61.645% 62.500 63.200 63.200 57.679
Juan Antonio Jimenez-Cobo (ESP)
XO Girales Mor
59.434% 62.857 58.600 58.600 57.679
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