Carrie Schopf, Only Armenian to Compete in International Dressage, Logs First Big Tour Victory on Saumur at Wellington

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Carrie Schopf, the only international dressage rider for Armenia, won her first career Big Tour competition, the CDI3* Grand Prix at Wellington’s Global Dressage Festival. © 2022 Ken Braddick/

WELLINGTON, Florida, Feb 24, 2022–Carrie Schopf, the only international dressage rider for the former Soviet state of Armenia, on Thursday won the Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix for the Special, the first Big Tour victory in the career of the 64-year-old rider. The 64-year-old rider is the only Armenian known to have ever competed in international dressage.

Carrie, who lives in Bremen, Germany but was an American by birth and has competed on the Wellington winter circuit for the past seven years, received a personal best score of 69.087% on the 14-year-old Oldenburg gelding. The score was the second to fulfill requirements to compete at the world championships in Herning, Denmark in August. The pair rode at the 2019 European Championships.

While riding as an amateur, Carrie and Saumur won an Intermediate II at Wellington exactly four years ago to the day.

Codi Harrison of Wellington on Katholt’s Bossco placed second on 67.652% with Jessica Howington of Ocala, Florida on Cavalia was third on 67.261%.

Carrie, who with her husband, Bernd, keeps her horses at home, was born in the United States to her parents who had fled Armenia to escape genocide. She moved to Germany and while living there sought Armenian citizenship and began riding for the nation of fewer than three million people in 2018.

“I’m very pleased with my horse,” said the rider who teaches herself, “because I’ve just made my goal to try to reach him somehow in the show ring. You can see how much energy he has. And sometimes he just makes himself very tense, because he wants to do more than maybe I want him to do.

“So my goal was just to have a test that flowed, and where he felt comfortable and wanted to do his job. And whatever the result was, was the result, but my goal was just simply to be a team with him; to come together with him and be a team.”


CDI3* Grand Prix for Special

Judges: Monique Peutz – Vegter Barbara Franyó Katrina Wüst Elisabeth Max-Theurer Evi Eisenhardt
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse E H C M B
1. 69.087 ARM Carrie Schopf Saumur 70.652 68.913 69.674 69.022 67.174
2. 67.652 USA Codi Harrison Katholt’s Bossco 66.304 69.891 68.587 66.630 66.848
3. 67.261 USA Jessica Howington Cavalia 63.761 67.783 71.261 67.022 66.478
4. 66.869 USA Aaron Janicki Heron 68.370 68.043 64.674 66.630 66.63
5. 66.152 CAN Mathilde Blais Tetreault Fedor 63.696 67.826 66.630 66.087 66.522
5. 66.152 CAN Megan Lane Zodiac MW 63.152 64.565 70.109 66.630 66.304
7. 65.956 JPN Kiichi Harada Sir Galanto 64.130 65.326 66.739 68.587 65.000
8. 65.761 USA Allison Carmichael Figaro 66.413 68.804 66.087 62.391 65.109
9. 65.674 GUA Alexandra Dominguez Thomas Etanga 65.217 67.609 66.522 63.370 65.652
10. 65.065 USA Kerrigan Gluch Mejorano HGF 63.913 65.217 65.652 66.522 64.022
11. 64.717 CAN Pia Fortmüller Frieda 65.043 67.000 64.717 62.652 64.174
12. 64.196 USA Nancy Smith Eragon VO 64.891 64.130 62.500 64.457 65.000
13. 63.609 USA Allison Gerlt Sir Lommel 65.217 64.457 62.500 62.065 63.804
14. 61.543 JPN Masahiro Kosaka Eddieni 61.630 60.761 60.543 61.630 63.152
15. 60.304 USA Reese Koffler-Stanfield Bingo 61.739 62.283 60.435 58.804 58.261