Isabell Werth Rides DSP Quantaz to Victory at Achleiten CDI4*, 4th Horse German Superstar Breaks 80% at Grand Prix

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Isabell Werth and DSP Quantaz. © 2020 Michael Rzepa

ACHLEITEN, Austria, July 24, 2020–Isabell Werth rode DSP Quantaz to victory in the CDI4* Grand Prix Friday and become the only rider in history to score more than 80% at Big Tour Grand Prix on four different horses.

Isabell, who celebrated her 51st birthday three days ago, scored 80.348% on the 10-year-old German Sport Horse. This was the German superstar’s second Big Tour event this month when international horse sports resumed after a break of 3 1/2 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Scores for Isabell and Quantaz ranged from a high of 82.065%, a score of 81.413%, 80.870%, one of 78.913% and the lowest 78.478%,

The other horses on which she logged scores of at least 80% are her world No. 2 Weihegold OLD, her Olympic team gold and individual silver medal mount and the World Cup Finals in 2017, 2018 and 2019; No. ranked Bella Rose on which she captured team gold at both the 2014 and 2018 World Equestrian Games, and Emilio, on which she is ninth on the world standings.

She was already the only rider to have earned 80% at Grand Prix on three horses before this competition.

Isabell rode Quantaz, owned by Austria’s four-time Olympian Victoria Max-Theurer, in both post-coronavirus events at this venue that is the home of the Max-Theurer family.

Vici, who is also coached by Isabell, placed second on Rockabilly on a personal best 73.783%. The previous high score on the 10-year-old Westfalen stallion was 73.565% logged here three weeks ago.

Germany’s Frederic Wandres making the Big Tour debut on Sa Coeur was awarded 72.326% for third place.

Estelle Wettstein of Switzerland and West Side Story, 12-year-old Oldenburg mare, also scored a personal best 71.870% for fourth place.


CDI4* Grand Prix for Freestyle

            Judges:   Hans Voser Alice Schwab Elke Ebert Christof Umbach Dr. Evi Eisenhardt  
Pl.   Score %   Nation Athlete Horse   E H C M B  
1.   80.348   GER Isabell Werth DSP Quantaz   78.478 80.870 78.913 82.065 81.413  
2.   73.783   AUT Victoria Max-Theurer Rockabilly   74.13 73.696 72.935 73.913 74.239  
3.   72.326   GER Frederic Wandres Sa Coeur   72.609 72.283 72.283 74.13 70.326  
4.   71.870   SUI Estelle Wettstein West Side Story OLD   71.196 71.739 72.717 73.261 70.435  
5.   70.848   AUT Belinda Weinbauer Fräulein Auguste MJ   69.13 71.848 71.196 72.391 69.674  
6.   69.718   AUT Timna Zach Chico 32   69.457 71.413 69.783 70 67.935  
7.   65.457   AUT Oliver Valenta Valenta’s Fantast   64.565 66.087 67.283 63.37 65.978  
8.   65.152   GER Ferdinand Csaki Stevie Wonder M   64.13 66.739 67.065 61.087 66.739  
9.   63.000   CZE Michal Kostal Little Jack   62.065 64.022 64.022 62.826 62.065  
EL.       ITA Monica Iemi Laressca              
EL.       AUT Christian Schumach Donna Karacho