Spanish Equestrian Federation Embroiled in Accusations of Financial Irregularities

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MADRID, Mar. 27, 2018–The Spanish Equestrian Federation on Tuesday denounced as “false” accusation made to Spain’s taxation agency of alleged irregularities in payment of expenses to officials including dressage director Luis Lucio. The federation threatened legal action to “preserve their reputation” of its officials.

Accusations of improper payments and credit card charges by senior officials of the federation were made by José Sererols, former president of the Autonomous Federation of Cantabria, and widely reported throughout the country.

The complaint of irregularities named Luis Lucio Pérez, head of the dressage department and one of six members of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Dressage Committee,.

José Sererols, who is pursuing other issues with the federation, filed his complaint after what he said was a review of the last four years of accounts.

The federation said in a statement that all payment made with credit cards “are perfectly supported, justified and collected in their accounting records, all of which must be viewed exclusively with expenses derived from the activity of the federation.

“All the amounts paid by the RFHE to its technical team are a consequence of the contracting of services that it has signed with each one of them in their corresponding contracts, being amounts that are approved annually by both the general assembly of the RFHE and by the Superior Council of Sports which, in turn, conducts an annual audit of all the Federation’s accounts.”