Ravenna Ridden by Andrea Woodard in 1st USA Championships Takes 6-Year-Old Title

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Ravenna ridden by Andrea Woodard for the United States six-year-old championship. © 2017 SusanJStickle.com

WAYNE, Illinois, Aug. 27, 2017–The Oldenburg mare Ravenna on Sunday became the United States six-year-old champion, ridden by Andrea Woodard in her first American championship.

Ravenna (Sir Donnerhall I x Blue Hors Romanv) with Andrea, of Wellington, Florida aboard, won the championship  with a score of 83.400 per cent, two days after capturing the preliminary class.

Werner van den Brande, also of Wellington and Flyby FLF were second on 79.800 and Cyndi Jackson of Scottsdale, Arizona on Sir Armour was third on 76.400 per cent.

“It feels AMAZING!!!” Andreas texted dressage-news.com after winning the title.

Andrea worked for Andreas Helgstrand in Denmark for four to five years before moving back to the United States two years ago. She had left the U.S. as a youngster and grew up in Denmark.

She credits working with Helgstrand Dressage for learning “everything from spotting a good horse to how to train them and develop them correctly. Educating and developing horses, there is nothing better.”

Andrea is married to Giuliano Ginanneschi and they have a three-year-old son Jamie.

She found Ravenna in Germany as a three-year-old and trained her to become the highest ranked six-year-old on this year’s US Equestrian standings.

“I have always known that Ravenna was a good horse,” she said. “But I must say that she has exceeded my expectations so far. I can feel that there is so much more power and quality still in  her, and I can’t wait until the time when she gets strong enough to show it all off.

“She has special talent for the collected work, so I will keep educating her toward small tour and, later on, the Grand Prix.”

Ravenna, she said, gives her “an amazing feeling.”

“We all know how hard it is to achieve a big goal, especially with young horses, since they are so inexperienced you never know what you are going to get at a show.

“I just really tried to prepare her as well as I felt possible and this time it paid off.”


6 -Year-Old Final
C: Fore, Yukins –
Rider Nat. Horse Total Place
Woodard, Andrea USA Ravenna 83.400 1
Van Den Brande, Werner USA Flyby FLF 79.800 2
Jackson, Cyndi USA Sir Amour 76.400 3
Bragdell, Michael USA Finery 76.000 4
Underhill, Stewart USA Deimos 4 74.200 5
Robertson, Alex USA G Force W 74.000 6
Jackson, Angela USA Gaston TF 73.000 7
Poulsen, Rikke DEN Furstentanz 73.000 7
Hay, Bridget USA Fauna 72.600 9
Brollier, Emily USA Les Paul 70.400 10
McCarthy, Heather USA Au Revoir 69.400 11
Garweg, Christian CAN Chancellor 69.200 12
Batchelder, Nora USA Grapjas 69.000 13
Harrington, Nicole USA Camomila MCD 68.000 14


Developing Horse Grand Prix
E: Rockwell – C: Fore – M: Geikie –
Rider Nat. Horse E Rk. C Rk. M Rk. Total Pl.
Becker, Patricia USA Freedom 65.750 1 67.250 1 65.750 2 66.250 1
Koford, James USA Adiah HP 65.125 2 67.250 1 65.750 2 66.042 2
Parra, Cesar USA Fashion Designer OLD 64.000 6 66.125 5 67.250 1 65.792 3
Blitz, Heather USA Ripline 65.125 2 66.375 4 65.250 4 65.583 4
Crow, Dorie USA La Belladonna 63.250 8 66.625 3 63.750 6 64.542 5
Bragdell, Michael USA Qredit Hilltop 64.250 4 64.375 6 63.500 7 64.042 6
Hastings, Stacey USA Police 63.875 7 62.875 7 65.250 4 64.000 7
Tate, Jessica Jo USA Kynynmont Gunsmoke’s Gideon 64.250 4 61.500 8 63.500 7 63.083 8
Miles, Emily USA Quantum Jazz 61.750 9 60.625 9 57.375 10 59.917 9
Gerlt, Allison USA Sir Lommel 59.750 10 57.750 10 58.875 9 58.792 10