Olympic Dressage–Horses & Riders Youngest/Oldest, Male/Female, Breeds/Sexes

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Olympic Games team medal podium at London in 2012--Germany (left), Great Britain (center) and Netherlands (right). © Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com
Olympic Games team medal podium at London in 2012–Germany (left), Great Britain (center) and Netherlands (right). © Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

July 20, 2016


Forty, or two-thirds of the total of 60 dressage riders at the Olympic Games, will be woman according to the definite entries announced Wednesday by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) that also listed two horses as the oldest at 19 and two as the youngest at nine years old.

KWPN–official Dutch Warmblood–horses will be ridden by 19 competitors, more than twice as many as for the next popular breeds, Oldenburg and Hanoverian both with nine each, as found in an analysis by dressage-news.com.

The total of 60 entries for dressage is the most ever, 10 greater than the 50 that competed in London in 2012.

Of the 11 teams each with four combinations, Australia has the only all-female squad but no nation has an all-male team.

Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the United States each have three women riders while the Netherlands and Spain both have three males on their teams.

The oldest rider is Julie Brougham of New Zealand, an individual aged 62, a year older than Mary Hanna at age 61 across the Tasman Sea in Australia.

The youngest rider is Giovana Prado Pass of Brazil at 18 years of age, two years younger than the next youngest rider, team mate João Victor Marcari Oliva.

The two oldest horses are 19, Parzival ridden by Adelinde Cornelissen to team silver and individual bronze at the 2012 Olympics, and Chablis ridden by Italy’s Valentina Truppa.

The two youngest are nine years old, Cosmo ridden by Sönke Rothenberger for Germany and Dante Weltino ridden by Therese Nilshagen for Sweden.

KWPN leads the breed registry with 19 horses followed by Oldenburg and Hanoverian each with nine horses followed by Danish Warmbloods and Lusitanos with five each, three Westfalens, German Sports Horses (DSP) and Swedish Warmbloods two and Belgian, Finnish, Hungarian, Rhinelander and Trakehner with one each.

The entries list 38 geldings, 16 stallions and six mares.

Details of the riders and horses for the 11 teams and 16 individuals:

Kristy Oatley, 37 years old and Du Soleil, a 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding
Mary Hanna, 61 years old and Boogie Woogie, a 10-year-old KWPN gelding
Lyndal Oatley, 35 years old and Sandro Boy, 15-year-old Oldenburg gelding
Kelly Layne, 41 years old and Udon P, 15-year-old KWPN gelding

Giovana Prado Pass, 18 years old, and Zingaro de Lyw, 12-year-old Lusitano stallion
João Victor Marcari Oliva, 20 years old, and Xamã dos Pinhais, 13-year-old Lusitano stallion
Luiza Tavares de Almeida,  24 years old, and Vendaval 04, 14-year-old Lusitano stallion
Pedro Manuel Tavares de Almeida, 22 years old, and Xaparro do Vouga, 13-year-old Lusitano stallion

Anna Kasprazak, 26 years old and Donnperignon, 17-year-old Finnish Warmblood gelding
Cathrine Dufour, 24 years old, and Cassidy, 13-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding
Agnete Kirk Thinggaard, 33 years old and Jojo AZ, 13-year-old Hungarian Sporthorse gelding
Anders Dahl, 40 years old and Selten, 12-year-old Amerian-bred Hanoverian gelding

Stephanie Brieussel, 42 years old and Amorak, 11-year-old KWPN gelding
Ludovic Henry, 47 years old and After You, 13-year-old German Sport Horse gelding
Karen Tebar, 51 years old and Don Luis, 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding
Pierre Volla, 35 and Badinda Altena, 10-year-old KWPN mare

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, 29 years old and Desperados FRH, 15-year-old Hanoverian stallion
Dorothee Schneider, 47 years old and Showtime, 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding
Isabell Werth, 47 years old (as of July 21) and Weihegold OLD, 11-year-old Oldenburg mare
Sönke Rothenberger, 21 years old and Cosmo, 9-year-old KWPN gelding

Charlotte Dujardin, 31 years old and Valegro, 14-year-old KWPN gelding
Carl Hester, 49 years old, and Nip Tuck, 12-year-old KWPN gelding
Fiona Bigwood, 40 years old, and Orthilia, 11-year-old Oldenburg mare
Spencer Wilton, 43 years old and Super Nova, 13-year-old British-bred Hanoverian gelding

Kiichi Harada, 43 years old and Egistar, 13-year-old KWPN Gelding
Yuko Kitai, 43 years old and Don Lorean, 16-year-old Oldenburg gelding
Akane Kuroki, 37 years old and Toots, 16-year-old KWPN Gelding
Masanao Takahashi, 34 years old and Fabriano, 17-year-old Westfalen stallion

Adelinde Cornelissen, 37 years old and Parzival, 19 year-old KWPN gelding
Edward Gal, 46 years old and Voice, 14-year-old KWPN stallion
Hans Peter Minderhoud, 42 years old and Johnson, 14-year-old KWPN stallion
Diederik van Silfhout, 28 years old and Arlando, 11-year-old KWPN stallion

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, 50 years old and Delgado, 15-year-old Westfalen gelding
Severo Jurado Lopez, 27 years old and Lorenzo, 10-year-old Oldenburg stallion
José Daniel Martin Dockx, 42 years old and Grandioso, 17-year-old P.R.E. stallion
Claudio Castilla Ruiz, 33 years old and Alcaide, 11-year-old Lusitano stallion

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, 48 years old, and Don Auriello, 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding
Patrik Kittel, 40 years old and Deja, 12-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare
Juliette Ramel, 29 years old, and Buriel K.H., 10-year-old KWPN gelding
Therese Nilshagen, 33 years old, and Dante Weltino, 9-year-old Oldenburg stallion

Allison Brock, 36 years old and Rosevelt, 14-year-old Hanoverian stallion
Laura Graves, 28 years old and Verdades, 14-year-old KWPN gelding
Kasey Perry Glass, 28 years old and Dublet, 13-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding
Steffen Peters, 51 years old and Legolas, 14-year-old Westfalen gelding

Victoria Max Theurer, 30 years old and Della Cavaleria, 13-year-old Oldenburg mare
Jorinde Verwimp, 21 years old and Tiamo, 16-year-old KWPN gelding
Belinda Trussell, 44 years old and Anton, 16-year-old German Sport Horse gelding
Megan Lane, 25 years old and Caravella, 15-year-old KWPN mare
Yvonne Losos de Muñiz, 48 years old and Foco Loco W, 11-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding
Judy Reynolds, 35 years old and Vancouver K, 14-year-old KWPN gelding
Valentina Truppa, 30 years old and Chablis, 19-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding
Bernadette Pujals, 48 years old and Rolex, 13-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding
Julie Brougham, 62 years old and Vom Feinsten, 13-year-old Rhinelander gelding
Christian Zimmermann, 54 years old and Aramis, 11-year-old KWPN gelding
Inessa Merkulova, 51 years old and Mister X, 12-year-old Russian-bred Trakehner gelding
Marina Aframeeva, 25 years old, and Vosk, 11-year-old Russian-bred Hanoverian gelding
Tanya Seymour, 32 years old and Ramoneur, 14-year-old Oldenburg stallion
Dongseon Kim, 27 years old and Bukowski, 17-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding
Marcela Krinke Susmelj, 50 years old and Molberg, 15-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding
Inna Logutenkova, 29 years old and Don Gregorius, 14-year-old Oldenburg stallion