Dressage Shows Around the World in 2016 Show No Increase Over 2015

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Oct. 1, 2016


The total of 162 international dressage shows scheduled for 2016 is almost unchanged from the number staged in 2015, with the official figures listing an increase of almost nine per cent in Europe offsetting declines in the rest of the world.

A breakdown of the schedule showed a changing face of dressage in Europe with Germany still hosting more shows than any other nation with 17 in 2016, down from 20 in 2015 and France with 10 compared with 14 in 2015. Spain scheduled 12 CDIs in 2016 as against seven in 2015 and Russia doubled the number to 10 for next year.

The United States with 24 CDI competitions scheduled for 2016 compared with 22 this year remains the nation with the greatest number of events approved by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), according to the official calendar that had a deadline of Oct. 1. The U.S. added new CDI3* shows at Omaha, Nebraska a year ahead of the Midwestern city hosting its first World Cup Final in 2017 and Conyers, Georgia at the 1996 Olympic venue. California with eight CDIs matches Florida for the first time since creation of the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington in 2012.

Of the two other Olympic disciplines, the total number of jumping events is at 679 in 2016 compared with 666 in 2015 while 238 eventing competitions are listed for next year as against 278 in 2015.

Records of FEI dressage competitions shows a big increase from 129 in 2008–the first year details are available on line–to 162 scheduled for 2016. A bubble was created in 2010 with 44 developmental dressage competitions that boosted the worldwide total that year to 189 competitions but fell to 146 by 2012 when there were no development shows.

The total rose to 161 in 2015 with 102 in Europe, 38 in the Americas, 12 in Oceania, seven in Asia and two in Africa.

For 2016, the calendar lists 162 events with 111 in Europe, 34 in the Americas, 11 in Oceania, five in Asia and one in Africa.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Under-25 competitions 2008 when four were on the calendar–three in Europe and one in the United States–to 63 scheduled for 2016.

CDI Amateur competitions that were created this year with nine competitions in the United States, four in Spain and two in France expands to a total of 25 in France, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the United States in 2016.