Heath Ryan & Regardez Moi Sweep Sydney World Cup With Grand Prix Special Win

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Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi.
Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi.

SYDNEY, Oct. 26, 2014–Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi completed a four-competition sweep of the World Cup event with victory in the Grand Prix Special Sunday at the Australian Dressage Championships, and confirmation from the rider that he won’t put his stallion through the stress of traveling to Las Vegas if invited to the Final in April.

Heath and the 18-year-old black Oldenburg (Rubinstein x Consul) were awarded 68. 84 per cent for the win in the Special.

The pair captured the Intermediate II as a warmup Thursday, winning the Grand Prix Friday and the Freestyle Saturday to qualify for the World Cup Pacific League in January that will decide the single combination to go to Las Vegas.

He rode Utopian Cardinal to second place in the Special with a score of 67.22 per cent after the 10-year-old gelding and son of  Regardez Moi followed the same schedule to finish third in the Int. II, third in the Grand Prix and sixth in the Freestyle.

Penny Castle on Magnus Spero, one of two New Zealanders in the Sydney Big Tour and competing in their first CDI at Grand Prix, was third on 65.55 per cent.

The Special marked the 28th Grand Prix victory for Heath and Regardez Moi that began their Big Tour career 86 starts and more than 7 1/2 years ago. All starts were in Australia, except for two at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in 2009 and two at Del Mar, California in a warmup CDI.

Heath told dressage-news.com that if invited to the Final in Las Vegas next April when Regardez Moi will be 19 years old had decided against it.

“Much as I would like to go back to Las Vegas, I think the stress of getting there would not be healthy for Regardez Moi at his age,” he said. “So I will not be going to Las Vegas.”

Unless flights are specially organized from Sydney to Los Angeles, horses have to fly to Europe first and then across the Atlantic to the U.S. West Coast, a gruelling journey. Quarantine on return to Australia is a further obstacle despite efforts to ease global travel for high performace sport horses.

Heath, 56 years old, who competes in both dressage and eventing, also has health issues.

On his way home from the World Cup Final in 2009 also at Las Vegas, he suffered a stroke from which he said he is “only just starting to get back to normal.”


Grand Prix Special

Horse – Rider Nation E H C M B Total Score Place
Judges: – Jan Geary (NSW) Orsolya Hillier (HUN) Ricky MacMillan (QLD) Mary Seefried (QLD) Virginia Creed (VIC)
REGARDEZ MOI – Heath Ryan – H & R Ryan,S/96/BL/170/GER/HANN, (Rubinstein/ Chlotilda) AUS 70.88 (1) 68.24 (1) 67.25 (1) 68.63 (1) 69.22 (1) 68.84 (1) 1
UTOPIAN CARDINAL – Heath Ryan – Anthony Thornhill,G/04/CH/168/AUS/WB, (Regardez Moi/ Wynilla Lantana) AUS 68.92 (2) 67.75 (2) 65.59 (3) 68.04 (2) 65.78 (2) 67.22 (2) 2
MAGNUS SPERO – Penny Castle – Penny Castle,G/04/BR/178/AUS/HOLST, (APH Lubeck/ APH Felsenmeer) NZL 67.75 (3) 63.53 (3) 66.57 (2) 67.45 (3) 62.45 (4) 65.55 (3) 3
MAYFIELD PZAZZ – Kerry Mack – Kerry Mack,S/97/CH/165/hol/KWPN, (Jazz/ Elissa ) AUS 63.04 (4) 63.53 (3) 63.14 (4) 65.49 (4) 63.04 (3) 63.65 (4) 4
ADLANTA ROSE – Sara Mcdonald – Sara Mcdonald,M//BA//AUS/WB, () AUS 59.02 (5) 61.27 (5) 60.29 (5) 62.45 (5) 58.63 (5) 60.33 (5) 5
KS BEAUCHAMP – Robyne Smith – Robyne Smith,G/01/CH/170/AUS/WB, (Victorieux/ Elle) AUS 58.92 (6) 59.22 (6) 57.55 (6) 59.31 (6) 57.16 (6) 58.43 (6) 6