US Dressage Finals Preliminary Prize List Available

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The preliminary prize list for the inaugural United States Dressage Finals competition of qualifiers from regional championships was made available Monday for the event to be held in Lexington, Kentucky Nov. 7-10.

Declarations of intent to compete are now being accepted and the deadline is by the closing date of the regional championship in which members participate.

The deadlines are for Regional Championships 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Aug. 26 at midnight local time; Regional Championships 3 and 4 Sept. 16 at midnight, and Regional Championships 1 and 9 Sept. 23 at midnight.

As with the U.S. Natonal Champinsips for which combinations qualify based on results, the US Finals are also restricted to U.S. ciitizens.

The preliminary prize ist is available at