Stephen Clarke, Wim Ernes & David Stickland at Global Dressage Forum to Analyze Olympic Scores

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Olympic dressage judging panel of (l to r) Jean-Michel Roudier of France, Evi Eisenhardt of Germany, Gary Rockwell of USA, Leif Tornblad of Denmark, Maribel Alonso of Mexico, Stephen Clarke and Wim Ernes of the Netherlands. © 2012 Ken Braddick/

Stephen Clarke and Wim Ernes, two of the judges at the London Olympics, will make a joint presentation at the Global Dressage Forum next week while statistical expert David Stickland will provide analysis of the scores from the summer Games.

Stephen Clarke of Great Britain who was president of the ground jury and fellow member Wim Ernes of the Netherlands will present “The Perfect Ten” to 300 participants who have registered for the event in Hooge Mierde, the Netherlands next Monday and Tuesday.

“We have some interesting observations,” David Stickland said, “for instance concerning Salinero in Hongkong (82.4) and London (82.0). In the freestyle they scored essentially identically each time, first time for gold, second time for sixth place. That’s sort of fun, but what is more interesting is that figure by figure they scored the same too! I think it is an interesting observation on a number of levels. The horse actually performed at his gold medal level four years later. A remarkable example of top training by Anky van Grunsven and Sjef Janssen, or have they been downscored and the others upscored?”

Comparisons will be made between the 2012 London, 2008 Hong Kong and 2004 Athens Olympics.

“In Athens Salinero scored an 85.825 per cent,” David Stickland said. “Was it better than Hong Kong and London? To me  judging seems to be not too inflationary, as the identical scores from Hongkong and London are almost figure by figure.”

The Global Dressage Forum will be officially opened by Princess Benedikte of Denmark on Monday, Oct. 29.

Olympic medallists Adelinde Cornelissen of the Netherlands and Helen Langehanenberg of Germany in dressage and eventing’s Ingrid Klimke of Germany as well as Sweden’s Patrik Kittel will make presentations.