Sa Coeur & Eva Möller of Germany Win 5-year-Old World Championship

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Eva Möller and Sa Coeur salute their flag © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/


VERDEN, Germany. Aug. 5–Oldenburg gelding Sa Coeur (Sir Donnerhall – Don Davidoff) was ridden beautifully by Eva Möller of Germany into first place and World Champion status Saturday.

Together they achieved the winning score of 9.38, a full 0.40 ahead of the reserve champions, Westfalen stallion Revolverheld 6 (Rockwell – Landstreicher), presented by Ann-Christin Wienkamp, also of Germany, for a score of 8.98. Third place went to the Dutch combination of KWPN stallion Duval’s Capri Sonne (Rhodium – San Remo) and Dinja van Liere with a score of 8.94.

Both the champion and reserve champion showed extraordinary walks.

The judges said of Sa Coeur: “In our opinion the walk could not be better…so today we gave a 10.”

Of Revolverheld they said: “Wow, rhythm, ground cover and relaxation with a slight moment of tension so today we could only give 9.8.”

Sa Coeur also showed a superior trot to the rest of the finalists, his 9.60 was the highest trot score awarded Saturday. It was well balanced, cadenced and had huge ground cover. He showed beautiful bend in the circles and a super contact and frame through the entire trot tour.

Eva Möller and Sa Coeur © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

In the canter, Eva showed what a tactful and capable rider she is. Sa Coeur became a little stronger in the connection and was determined to come away from the track in the second canter extension. Eva quietly worked a little harder so that there was no real disruption in the balance or frame. This and an unfortunate mistake in the second simple change affected both the canter and the submission score. (8.90 and 8.80). However, with so much quality and just these small mistakes today the general impression score was also the highest of the day, 9.60. They were clear and deserved winners.

When asked what the future was for the Hof Kasselmann owned gelding that Eva has only been riding for about 10 weeks she replied, “well, it is clear of course, he will go into the PSI auction in December.” She paused and added, “this is our job.”

Ann-Christin Wienkamp hugged her stallion, Revolverheld 6, after their ride © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

The walk from Revolverheld 6 was really the highlight of this stallion, although he also had a huge ground-covering canter and good transitions between his extended and collected gaits. He could carry more weight behind in the collection,even as a five-year-old, but maintained a really good connection throughout. Trot, 8.80, canter 8.90, submission 8.50 and general impression 8.90.

The walk was the highlight from Revolverheld 6, but his trot should a beautiful contact © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

Dinja van Liere was delighted to move from fourth up to third place with the stallion she has been riding for “about a year now.”

This horse really showed a stunning collected trot with huge cadence, loose shoulder, forearm and tremendous power. He lost rhythm in the first trot extension, but redeemed himself enough in the second for his trot to be rewarded with a 9.00. The canter was clearly the highlight for this stallion, the score of 9.4 reflecting a wonderful uphill carriage and balance in both collection and extension. The good contact and lovely frame throughout earned submission score of 8.50 and 9.00 for general impression.

Duval's Capri Sonne showed great ground cover in trot. © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

Highlights through the top fifteen horses were:

Expression and a swinging back for Discovery OLD © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

Discovery, an Oldenburg gelding (Dimaggio – Classiker), ridden by Heiner Schiergen. They finished in fourth place and were one of my personal favourites. This combination showed a lovely flow and elegance throughout. The trot was expressive with good rhythm and a really swinging back.

Fifth: The magnificent KWPN stallion Charmeur 415 (Florencio – Jazz) ridden skillfully by Emmelie Scholtens. His trot and canter are extraordinary, both are powerful, elastic and uphill. He was also able to demonstrate a much better walk than shown in the qualifying rounds. He has already a very good ability for collection. Unfortunately, he is somewhat easily distracted and made many mistakes and slight disruptions in the contact.

Charmeur and Emmelie Scholtens ©Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news

Sixth: Senta Kirchoff (Germany) and the Finnish warmblood Floresco Sil, a very “typey” Florestan gelding, damsire Baroncelli also showed a super walk, 9.50 and a pleasing canter that had a really good balance and reach with the hindleg even though it could have been a little more dynamic.

There were really two hard luck stories for  the day. The first,  Rheinland stallion Lord Carnaby (Lord Loxley – Rocket Star), ridden by Beatrice Buchwald came into the finals in third place. The stallion has a dynamic trot filled with loft and huge expression in front, he also showed a correct rhythm in the walk and then the wheels just fell off in the canter so that by the end of the class they had dropped to 14th place.

The delightful stallion, Lord Carnaby, was plagued by problems in the canter. © 2012 Ilse Schwarz/

The other combination that had difficulties was the Oldenburg stallion Stand By Me (Stedinger – De Niro), ridden and owned by Sandra Kopf of Austria. The judges said “some days are just not easy” and then went on, “Let me say I would easily take your horse home” but there were just too many mistakes in the test. His trot was light footed and elastic with balance and ground cover and scored 9.10, the walk was also highly scored for 8.80 and again we saw the canter tour become the downfall. Stand By Me finished in 11th place.