David Marcus & Chrevi’s Capital Win Canada Classic CDI3* Grand Prix to Contend for Olympic Team

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David Marcus and Chrevi's Capital. © 2012 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

BURLINGTON, Ontario, May 19–David Marcus rode Chrevi’s Capital to their first international Grand Prix victory to win the Canada Classic CDI3* Grand Prix and give the pair a shot at representing his new homeland at this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

David, 31, based at nearby Campbellville, scored 68.681 per cent in the first competition in Canada since he switched citizenship to Canada from the United States last Christmas. Canada’s 2008 Olympian Jacqueline Brooks rode her D Niro, a fancy gray she is also seeking to qualify for the Oympic squad, to second place on 68.234 per cent.

Cesar Parra and Van the Man were third with 67.383 per cent in the former Colombian’s endeavor to qualify for the United States’ Olympic selection trials to be held next month in Gladstone, New Jersey. This is the pair’s second qualifying score and makes their average about 66.600 per cent and about 17th place with only one more CDI available–the calendar lists Allentown, New Jersey, and Lexington, Kentucky, both next weekend–before the cutoff date of May 27 to be eligible for one of up to 15 invitations to the selection trials.

The Grand Prix Friday had three Canadian judges and two foreign judges, an “exception” available to CDIs outside Europe, where the rules specify at least three foeign judges on the five-member panel.

For Canadians, Olympic selection is based on results of CDI3* and above events anywhere in the world up until June 17.

The 1-2 finish for the Canadian Olympic team contenders of David and the 12-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding (Chrevi’s Lavallo x Indira Gandhi x Weinberg) and Jacqueline and D Niro, a 13-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding (D-Day x Alitalia x Napoleon 625) gives both a chance to be among the four combinations–a team of three horses and riders and a reserve–Canada plans to take to Europe for the Olympics.

The only certainty is three-time Olympian Ashley Holzer who is placed first and second with average results above 70 per cent in the official rankings–No. 1 with her 2008 Olympic mount Pop Art and No. 2 with the younger Breaking Dawn, although “Edward,” as he is called, so far has only three of the four results required.

Of the other combinations with four scores before this weekend, Jacquline Brooks and D Niro rank next with an average of 68.745 per cent, Diane Creech and Devon L average 68.499 per cent and Pia Fortmuller and Orion are on 68.066 per cent.

David and Chrevi’s Capital had three qualifying scores before this show and now join the four-score group. Depending on the result of the Olympic Grand Prix Special, their average could also be above 68 per cent.

David Marcus moved from Omaha, Nebraska, when he was 18 to go to McMaster University in Hamilto, Ontario. He stayed and became a citizen last Dec. 28.

David and Chrevi’s Capital, that he and owner Deborah Kinzinger found in Sweden in 2010, performed their first Grand Prix during last winter’s Florida circuit.

“At every competition this winter, Chrevi’s Capital steadily increased his scores by one or two percent, culminating in the CDI5* at the Global Dressage Festival where we placed second in the Grand Prix Special,” said Marcus of the $120,000 CDI5* Global Dressage Festival held March 28 to April 1 in Wellington. “I am thrilled with the progress he has made; he has exceeded my expectations.

“I had hoped that he would do this well, but he progressed so quickly, going from having never done a grand prix to now being so consistent in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special that we are in the running for a place on the Olympic team.”

Marcus worked with six-time U.S. Olympian Robert Dover for the past three seasons. Dover’s own experience in international competition is a tremendous asset to his coaching, and has allowed Marcus to visualize competing with Chrevi’s Capital in the world’s largest venues.

“He has no real weaknesses,” Marcus said of the dark bay horse. “He has a super walk, trot and canter. He has really great pirouettes and consistently earns scores of eight and occasionally a nine in his pirouette, extended trot, and walk work. He can basically do everything for a score of eight; it is just up to me to ride well and be a good partner for him.”

“I was immediately attracted to his presence,” he said, “and I felt that he had an aptitude for piaffe and passage even though he wasn’t confirmed in it yet. What I liked most about his character was that he wanted to be good. The temperament and rideability were there, and that is so important to me.  At this level, they have to want to work with you, and he really does. He is always willing to try his hardest. Sometimes he tries so hard that he makes mistakes, but he is very genuine.”

David represented Canada for the first time in April when he rode Chrevi’s Capital in the CDIO3* Wellington Dressage Nations’ Cup, dropping the horse back to small tour for the occasion.

He plans to travel to Lexington, Kentucky, next week to compete in the CDI3*.

Grand Prix results:

FEI Grand Prix
E: MacDonald – CAN H: Whitham – Canada C: Holler – GER M: McMullen – CAN B: Lopardo Grana – ARG
Rider Ctzn Horse E % Rk. H % Rk. C % Rk. M % Rk. B % Rk. T % Pl.

Marcus, David CAN Chevri’s Capital
68.298% 1 67.234% 1 68.404% 2 71.277% 1 68.191% 4 68.681% 1

Brooks, Jacqueline M. CAN D Niro 66.702% 3 66.383% 2 70.638% 1 69.149% 3 68.298% 3 68.234% 2

Parra, Dr. Cesar USA Van The Man
66.702% 4 64.894% 4 65.851% 5 70.000% 2 69.468% 2 67.383% 3

Marcus, David CAN Don Kontes
65.851% 6 63.617% 5 67.553% 3 65.532% 7 69.681% 1 66.447% 4

Peters, Joni Lynn CAN Travolta
66.277% 5 65.000% 3 66.702% 4 68.723% 4 65.426% 6 66.426% 5

Dvorak, Tom CAN Viva’s Salieri W
67.872% 2 62.979% 6 62.872% 7 65.638% 6 68.085% 5 65.489% 6

Lane, Megan CAN Caravella
64.255% 7 62.234% 7 63.936% 6 64.894% 8 62.660% 8 63.596% 7

Winter, Victoria CAN Proton
63.191% 8 60.638% 8 61.809% 8 61.809% 0 63.085% 7 62.106% 8

Busse, Ute CAN Lindor’s Finest
62.128% 0 60.319% 0 60.319% 0 65.638% 5 60.106% 0 61.702% 0

Munoz, Eduardo COL Flovino
58.298% 0 57.872% 0 54.362% 0 57.021% 0 56.489% 0 56.809% 0

Creech, Diane CAN Devon L
0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0

MacLachlan, Nancy CAN Deniros Tyme
0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0 0.000% 0