Suggestions Sought for Changes in Equine Prohibited Substances List

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If you have any suggestions for changes to the Equine Prohibited Substances List, tell the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

Any one can now submit suggestions to the about removing or adding susbtances or switching from the Controlled Medication Substances section to the Banned Substances section, or vice versa.

The FEI announced the new system for the 2013 list by inviting submissions from any person–involved or not in equestrian sport–by filling in a downloadable online form.

The form is available by clicking here or going to

Deadline for submissions for the 2013 list is Mar. 30, 2012.

The Equine Prohibited Substances List is reviewed annually based on recommendations of the List Advisory Group that comprises 12 expert and specialist members, including veterinarians, pharmacologists, toxicologists and research scientists. Revisions are made after extensive consultation in response to scientific advances and information on the use of substances in horses.

Current List Advisory Group members are: John McEwen of Great Britain, Chair; Graeme Cooke of the FEI; Richard Corde and Yves Bonnaire of France; Peter Kallings of Sweden; Ken Hinchcliff of Australia; Johanna Fink of The Netherlands; Tom Barragry of Ireland; Peter Bowling and Steve Maynard of Great Britian; Kent Allen of the U.S. and Wally Niederer of New Zealand.

The review process is continuous and publication of an updated list is at least 90 days before it becomes effective on Jan.1 each year.