Shannon Peters Turns Chore Into “Shiny” New Business

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Shannon Peters shining her boots before competing. © 2011 Ken Braddick/


BURBANK, California, April 2–Shannon Peters has become legendary for her shiny boots in more than three decades of riding and is sharing her secret and turning what for many is a chore into a business.

In just two weeks of assembling the cleaning/shining kits in the garage of her San Diego home, Shannon has already sold 150 Show Ring Shine kits for $40 (€28) each. An Internet site,, has been set up to take orders and distribution through retailers has just started.

“It’s a fabulous product,” said Debbie McDonald, the rider of Brentina to medals at Olympics and World Equestrian Games and the first ever American to become World Cup champion.

“My boots have never looked better. I’m just ticked off it was not my idea.”

The kit includes everything–from Castile soap for cleaning the boots and the previous layer of polish, to brushes heel and sole dressing, sponge, cloth and shoe cream.

The kit is not just for shining the boots but for complete maintenance to keep the leather from drying out.

Shannon said the idea for the kit came to her when the manufacturer of the shoe cream she had been using for years was acquired by another company and she became concerned she might not be able to buy it.

So as not to be at the mercy of losing the product, she decided to assemble kits that could expand the market.

She’s not surprised at the success of the venture.

“There’s no other kit on the market,” she said. “There’s no real cleaning and polishing system.

“It’s a really good product, one I’m really happy to be offering. This could be my 401K (retirement) plan later in life.”

The end result. Shannon Peters riding Odyssey to victory in the Grand Prix Special. © 2011 Ken Braddick/