Emily Wagner: From the Midwest to Verden

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Emily Wagner (USA) and Wakeup
Emily Wagner (USA) and Wakeup. © 2010 Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news.com


VERDEN, Germany, Aug.6–At the grand old age of 22, Emily Wagner was in a prize giving , at the World Championships on her own stallion. She is neither wealthy nor heavily sponsored, just a lovely girl and rider, with a talented horse who managed to make it to Verden through the renowned Midwest generosity.

I had heard that she was lovely from so many different sources, the most recent being a couple of Aussies (yes, they are everywhere) who were sitting near her table in the VIP tent. She was also the only representative from the USA at these World Championships, so I figure she deserves a story of her own!

Emily and Wakeup (Wagnis v Matcho) finished in 18th place after the preliminary 5-year-old finals with a score of 7.84, just missing the cut for the big finals to be held on Saturday. In the small, or consolation, finals held Friday she improved her score to 7.94 to finish fourth, she missed qualifying for the finals by 0.02 per cent.

The winner was The Netherlands’ Laurens van Lieren on President’s Allright with a score of 8.36, with Germans Steffen Frahm on Henglein’s Licosta second on 8.18 and Jana Freund on Aaron third on 7.96.

I chatted with Emily immediately after the prize giving where she was quite emotional, her fourth place was really somewhat bittersweet. She was slightly overwhelmed at how fantastic Wakeup had been at his first event with this atmosphere, and also there was the slight tinge of disappointment at being so close to the finals (the top 3 move on to the finals). I asked if the experience had been anything like her expectations.

“I am so proud of my horse, it is by far the biggest show he has been to and he did everything I asked of him,” said Emily of Wally Woo Farm in LaCygne, Kansas.

“I was so proud to be able to ride him in a prize giving, and again he was perfect. He wasn’t even affected by the horse ahead of him” (who was not being so perfect).

“It has been amazing to have Ulf (Möller) helping and to also have Scott (Hassler) here.”

Emily Wagner and her 5 year-old stallion Wakeup ©Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news.com
Emily Wagner and her 5 year-old stallion Wakeup © Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news.com

When I last read about Emily’s quest to come to Verden, it was entirely dependent on raising some money. The U.S. Equestrian Federation was not providing any funding this year so, apart from being given permission to compete, based on her qualifying scores in the USA, she was on her own.

She asked for private donations and “got a ton of support. We raised just under $30,000 €22,600), mostly from individuals in the Midwest. All sorts of people sending $25 with notes like, ‘have a beer on me’ or ‘buy a set of wraps,’ people who I have never met and it all adds up.”

“We started fund-raising with the idea that if we could find 30 people with $1,000 we could do it…and we did!”

It was tough for her to make the decision to attend the World Championships rather than the National Young Horse Finals, held at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois just two weeks ago.

“It would be perfect if it were possible to qualify for the World Championships at the National finals, rather than having to choose” a sentiment shared, I’m sure, by many,” she said.

“However, my mother, Jana Wagner, was competing at the National finals, so I almost felt like I was there.”

Emily arrived in Germany early in June. She felt that with her horse being so young, it was important to give him plenty of time to adjust, and he certainly looked in top condition and with plenty of energy. She will stay in Germany for another week or so and then it is back home and back to school. She joked that when chatting about her summer with her school friends the conversation could go something like this:  “So I finished 16th in a World Championship in Germany! What did you get up to over your summer vacation?”

Emily Wagner finishes in fourth place in the 5 year-old World Championships small final ©Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news.com
Emily Wagner finishes in fourth place in the 5 year-old World Championships small final ©Ilse Schwarz/dressage-news.com
Placed competitors
1. 603 President’s Allright Lieren, Laurens van NED 430 EUR Wertnote 8.36
R 5-j.H v.Jazz/M.v.Royal Dance/KWPN/102ZN57/B: President Investment B.V.
2. 458 Henglein’s Licosto Frahm, Steffen GER 340 EUR Wertnote 8.18
DF 5-j.H v.Licotus/M.v.Rosenkavalier/WESTF/102ZI91/B: Henglein,Hans
3. 1 Aaron Freund, Jana GER 250 EUR Wertnote 7.96
DF 5-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Record/KWPN/B: Livens,Louis
4. 842 Wakeup Wagner, Emily USA 160 EUR Wertnote 7.94
R 5-j.H v.Wagnis/M.v.Macho/AWBLT/B: Wagner,Emily
5. 44 Aston Martin Laarakkers, Christa NED 120 EUR Wertnote 7.92
F 5-j.H v.Uphill/M.v.Cabochon/KWPN/B: Norel,G.W. van
6. 376 Ferry Jancarikova, Eva CZE 100 EUR Wertnote 7.84
F 5-j.H v.Federweisser/M.v.Weltmeyer/HANN/B: Jancarikova,Eva
6. 652 Rock’n Roll Star Limousin, Philippe FRA 100 EUR Wertnote 7.84
B 5-j.H v.Joeris/M.v.Jazz/SF/B: Michel,Jessica
8. 845 Wasabi OLD Michalke, Victoria GER 65 EUR Wertnote 7.74
DB 5-j.W v.Welt Hit IV/M.v.Lancer I/OLD/102ZE32/B: Michalke,Victoria
8. 572 Manchester Larsson, Jennie SWE 65 EUR Wertnote 7.74
B 5-j.H v.Weltman (SWE)/M.v.Midt-West Ibi-Light/S.WBL/B: Wilhelmsson-Silfven,Tinn
10. 679 Sacre Coeur Schulz, Sascha LUX 60 EUR Wertnote 7.72
DB 5-j.W v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Pik Bube II/HANN/102YL79/B: S.Schulz & Ch.Umbach,
11. 451 Harmony’s Desiderio Pape, Susan GBR 55 EUR Wertnote 7.68
DB 5-j.H v.Dimaggio/M.v.Donnerhall/OLD/102ZM20/B: Harmony Sporthorses/L.Malone,
12. 705 Santana Morris Talbot, Chloe ESP 55 EUR Wertnote 7.6
SCHWB 5-j.S v.Sunny-Boy/M.v.Rubioso N/RHLD/102ZP32/B: Morris Talbot,Chloe
Other, non-placed competitors
13. 655 Ronaldinho Weinbauer, Belinda AUT Wertnote 7.44
DB 5-j.H v.Rohdiamant/M.v.Warkant/OLD/B: Gmoser,Peter
14. 690 Samba Queen S Tuominen, Tuija FIN Wertnote 7.42
SCHWB 5-j.S v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Lord Liberty/OLD/B: Ympäristöpalvelut Tuominen
15. 770 Sopran Morso Rasmussen, Jim DEN Wertnote 7.4
SCHWB 5-j.W v.Soprano/M.v.Akinos/DK/B: Marcussen,Jens Erik
16. 849 Wellington Högberg, Jeanna SWE Wertnote 7.38
B 5-j.H v.Weltman (SWE)/M.v.Campari M/S.WBL/102ZV49/B: Absolut Dental AB,
17. 26 Annerijke Sekreve, Jennifer NED Wertnote 7.36
F 5-j.S v.Jazz/M.v.Gribaldi/KWPN/B: Essen,A.
17. 651 QC Roberto Cavalli Bogaert, Natasja van den BEL Wertnote 7.36
SCHWB 5-j.H v.Rotspon/M.v.Metternich/HANN/102YQ11/B: D’eer,Patrick
19. 60 Barclay Pape, Susan GBR Wertnote 7.28
DF 5-j.H v.Belissimo M/M.v.Prestige Pilot/HANN/102ZM37/B: Pape,Ingo
19. 80 Broere Argentino Beckers, Kirsten NED Wertnote 7.28
F 5-j.H v.Jazz/M.v.Ulft/KWPN/B: Broere,M.A.
21. 708 QC San Vino Bogaert, Natasja van den BEL Wertnote 7.26
B 5-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Winrich/OLD/B: D’eer,Patrick
22. 498 Kom Sandro Meyer Vugt, Sofie FIN Wertnote 7.22
F 5-j.W v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Weltmeyer/FIN.WB./B: Meller A-L & Nordman-Rafaharj
23. 934 Andreo Ellermann, Dina EST Wertnote 7.1
DB 5-j.H v.Sandreo/M.v.Balzflug/KWPN/B: Ltd.Genofen & Dina Ellermann
24. 502 La Fleurette Vasaryova, Hana CZE Wertnote 6.96
F 5-j.S v.Laudabilis/M.v.Beltain/WESTF/B: Dressage Stall,
25. 366 Falbrus Kobiernik, Daria POL Wertnote 6.88
SCH 5-j.H v.Aviano/POL./POL10526/B: Lusina,Aleksandra
26. 669 Royal Pokemon Ellermann, Dina EST Wertnote 6.78
SCHI 5-j.H v.Royal Diamond/M.v.Heslegards Louis/DK/B: Ellermann,Dina
26. 236 Damino SD Kohlschmidt, Maik GER Wertnote 6.78
F 5-j.H v.Don Romantic/M.v.Amiral/S.WBL/102ZW89/B: Stall Damino HB & ASA Dressage
28. 465 Hexagons Adonie Nitzani, Raz ISR Wertnote 6.58
B 5-j.S v.Rubiquil/M.v.Partout/KWPN/102YY77/B: Nitzani,Raz