FEI World Championships for Young Dressage Horses–Another First Impression

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Reminder of home. These two Old English Sheep Dogs were one of my first sights at Verden. Just like my Matilda, who is clipped short in the Florida heat, but how can you not adore them.
Reminder of home. These two Old English Sheep Dogs were one of the first sights at Verden. Just like my Matilda, except she is clipped short in the Florida summer heat.


VERDEN, Germany, Aug. 5–At the risk of being the “first impression” person, here I go again. What can I say? It is my first time to the World Breeding Championships for Young Horses at Verden and I have some initial thoughts.

Firstly, if you are battling with a poor self-image, then Verden may not be the place for you! It is usual that at European Horse shows there are many long-legged, skinny, well-dressed individuals but it seems the young horses attract a greater number than I have ever seen before… plus extraordinary amounts of Argyle.

Secondly, the “must have” item to bring to Verden, assuming you already have plenty of the aforementioned Argyle, is a very large horse trailer. I had not been here half an hour before I had filled my first imaginary trailer.

And thirdly, the Press room has free beer available… how is that relevant? Well it’s not really, but I arrived, straight from Miami, rented a car and negotiated 83 miles (133km) of highway under construction and as I entered the Press Center Thursday it was the first thing I saw. A jet-lagged Aussie, horses and beer pretty much equals happiness.

But onto the reason for these Championship, the horses.

With a lingering look at the beer, I grabbed my camera and went to investigate these showgrounds. They are super cosy, with sort of a country fair atmosphere. Everything is close and the press center overlooks the warmups and the Grand Prix ring, which, on my arrival, was filled with 3-year-old stallions.

My real interest lies with the 5- and 6-year-olds.

The 5 year-olds were finished for the day, having done their qualifying class before my arrival, but the 6-year-olds were allowed to warm-up in the competition arena for an hour. I’m sure I didn’t see all of them, but I have picked my favorites.

In the 5-year-old test,  The Netherlands’ Emmelie Scholtens on Astrix won with 8.84 points, with Germany’s Uta Graf on Damon Jerome H and Claudia Rüscher on Lissaro van de Helle tied for second on 8.82. Claudia also came in fourth on Schumacher with 8.64.

American college student, Emily Wagner was the sole representative of the USA, competing Wakeup in the five-year-old class. The pair finished 18th out of 40 with a score of 7.82 She just missed making it through to the final 16. I will make a point to watch for her in the “B” final.

Elizabeth Ball of Carlsbad, California, had qualified Selten HW for the 6-year-old championships but decided to stay in the U.S. to make it an historic hat trick of young horse titles, which she did at Wayne, Illinois two weeks ago.

It is interesting for me to attend a show and on the whole not know any of the horses or riders. It certainly makes for an unbiased viewing. It will be really fun to see how the 4- or 5-year-old horses that caught my eye fare Friday.

Complete results of the 5-year-old qualification test:

1. 45 Astrix Scholtens, Emmelie NED 380 EUR Wertnote 8.84
R 5-j.H v.Obelisk/M.v.Olivi/KWPN/B: Stal Perlee,
2. 1074 Damon Jerome H Gräf, Uta GER 260 EUR Wertnote 8.82
F 5-j.H v.Damon Hill/M.v.Guy Laroche/RHLD/102ZR87/B: Hischold, Thomas Prof. Dr.
2. 542 Lissaro van de Helle Rüscher, Claudia GER 260 EUR Wertnote 8.82
B 5-j.H v.Lissabon/M.v.Matcho AA/HANN/102ZK20/B: Mais,Paul
4. 718 Schumacher Rüscher, Claudia GER 160 EUR Wertnote 8.64
R 5-j.H v.Stedinger/M.v.Weltmeyer/WESTF/102ZK18/B: Schulze-Averdiek,Antonius
5. 710 Sarkozy Möller, Eva GER 100 EUR Wertnote 8.46
R 5-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Weltmeyer/HANN/102ZL68/B: Schockemöhle,Paul
6. 487 Isac Telde, Minna SWE 85 EUR Wertnote 8.26
B 5-j.H v.Hip Hop/M.v.Master/S.WBL/102ZW12/B: Bengtsson,Per-Christer
6. 848 Weihegold OLD Wulferding, Kira GER 85 EUR Wertnote 8.26
R 5-j.S v.Don Schufro/M.v.Sandro Hit/OLD/102ZI90/B: Arns-Krogmann,Christine
8. 440 Grevens Sa’Va Ahlers Pedersen, Camilla DEN 60 EUR Wertnote 8.22
DB 15-j.S v.Soprano/M.v.Romancier/DK/B: Poulsen,Svend Age
9. 819 Torveslettens Stamina Helgstrand, Andreas DEN 55 EUR Wertnote 8.2
SCHI 5-j.S v.Stedinger/M.v.Carano/DK/B: Rugaard,Pernille
10. 32 Aptrick Smalto, Benedicte FRA 55 EUR Wertnote 8.14
DB 5-j.W v.Tango/M.v.Kennedy/KWPN/B: Smalto,Benedicte
11. 43 Aston Martin Hvalsoe Saul, John DEN 50 EUR Wertnote 8.1
SCHWB 5-j.H v.Monteverdi/M.v.Sixtus/TRAK./B: Andersen,Lone
12. 25 Anne Beth Bruntink, Vai NED 50 EUR Wertnote 8.02
B 5-j.S v.Oscar/M.v.Corleone/KWPN/B: Norel,G.W. van
Other, non-placed competitors
13. 458 Henglein’s Licosto Frahm, Steffen GER Wertnote 7.94
DF 5-j.H v.Licotus/M.v.Rosenkavalier/WESTF/102ZI91/B: Henglein,Hans
13. 44 Aston Martin Laarakkers, Christa NED Wertnote 7.94
F 5-j.H v.Uphill/M.v.Cabochon/KWPN/B: Norel,G.W. van
15. 572 Manchester Larsson, Jennie SWE Wertnote 7.92
B 5-j.H v.Weltman (SWE)/M.v.Midt-West Ibi-Light/S.WBL/B: Wilhelmsson-Silfven,Tinn
15. 652 Rock’n Roll Star Limousin, Philippe FRA Wertnote 7.92
B 5-j.H v.Joeris/M.v.Jazz/SF/B: Michel,Jessica
17. 679 Sacre Coeur Schulz, Sascha LUX Wertnote 7.84
DB 5-j.W v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Pik Bube II/HANN/102YL79/B: S.Schulz & Ch.Umbach,
18. 842 Wakeup Wagner, Emily USA Wertnote 7.82
R 5-j.H v.Wagnis/M.v.Macho/AWBLT/B: Wagner,Emily
19. 849 Wellington Högberg, Jeanna SWE Wertnote 7.8
B 5-j.H v.Weltman (SWE)/M.v.Campari M/S.WBL/102ZV49/B: Absolut Dental AB,
20. 1 Aaron Freund, Jana GER Wertnote 7.78
DF 5-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Record/KWPN/B: Livens,Louis
20. 705 Santana Morris Talbot, Chloe ESP Wertnote 7.78
SCHWB 5-j.S v.Sunny-Boy/M.v.Rubioso N/RHLD/102ZP32/B: Morris Talbot,Chloe
22. 80 Broere Argentino Beckers, Kirsten NED Wertnote 7.72
F 5-j.H v.Jazz/M.v.Ulft/KWPN/B: Broere,M.A.
23. 451 Harmony’s Desiderio Pape, Susan GBR Wertnote 7.7
DB 5-j.H v.Dimaggio/M.v.Donnerhall/OLD/102ZM20/B: Harmony Sporthorses/L.Malone,
24. 845 Wasabi OLD Michalke, Victoria GER Wertnote 7.56
DB 5-j.W v.Welt Hit IV/M.v.Lancer I/OLD/102ZE32/B: Michalke,Victoria
24. 655 Ronaldinho Weinbauer, Belinda AUT Wertnote 7.56
DB 5-j.H v.Rohdiamant/M.v.Warkant/OLD/B: Gmoser,Peter
26. 708 QC San Vino Bogaert, Natasja van den BEL Wertnote 7.54
B 5-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Winrich/OLD/B: D’eer,Patrick
27. 376 Ferry Jancarikova, Eva CZE Wertnote 7.5
F 5-j.H v.Federweisser/M.v.Weltmeyer/HANN/B: Jancarikova,Eva
28. 60 Barclay Pape, Susan GBR Wertnote 7.4
DF 5-j.H v.Belissimo M/M.v.Prestige Pilot/HANN/102ZM37/B: Pape,Ingo
29. 26 Annerijke Sekreve, Jennifer NED Wertnote 7.38
F 5-j.S v.Jazz/M.v.Gribaldi/KWPN/B: Essen,A.
30. 651 QC Roberto Cavalli Bogaert, Natasja van den BEL Wertnote 7.36
SCHWB 5-j.H v.Rotspon/M.v.Metternich/HANN/102YQ11/B: D’eer,Patrick
31. 603 President’s Allright Lieren, Laurens van NED Wertnote 7.3
R 5-j.H v.Jazz/M.v.Royal Dance/KWPN/102ZN57/B: President Investment B.V.
32. 498 Kom Sandro Meyer Vugt, Sofie FIN Wertnote 7.24
F 5-j.W v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Weltmeyer/FIN.WB./B: Meller A-L & Nordman-Rafaharj
33. 770 Sopran Morso Rasmussen, Jim DEN Wertnote 7.22
SCHWB 5-j.W v.Soprano/M.v.Akinos/DK/B: Marcussen,Jens Erik
34. 690 Samba Queen S Tuominen, Tuija FIN Wertnote 7.12
SCHWB 5-j.S v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Lord Liberty/OLD/B: Ympäristöpalvelut Tuominen
35. 236 Damino SD Kohlschmidt, Maik GER Wertnote 7.08
F 5-j.H v.Don Romantic/M.v.Amiral/S.WBL/102ZW89/B: Stall Damino HB & ASA Dressage
36. 465 Hexagons Adonie Nitzani, Raz ISR Wertnote 7.04
B 5-j.S v.Rubiquil/M.v.Partout/KWPN/102YY77/B: Nitzani,Raz
37. 502 La Fleurette Vasaryova, Hana CZE Wertnote 6.98
F 5-j.S v.Laudabilis/M.v.Beltain/WESTF/B: Dressage Stall,
38. 366 Falbrus Kobiernik, Daria POL Wertnote 6.88
SCH 5-j.H v.Aviano/POL./POL10526/B: Lusina,Aleksandra
39. 934 Andreo Ellermann, Dina EST Wertnote 6.7
DB 5-j.H v.Sandreo/M.v.Balzflug/KWPN/B: Ltd.Genofen & Dina Ellermann
40. 669 Royal Pokemon Ellermann, Dina EST Wertnote 6.56
SCHI 5-j.H v.Royal Diamond/M.v.Heslegards Louis/DK/B: Ellermann,Dina
41. 578 Mozart-P Swiecicka, Malgorzata POL retired
HLB 5-j.H v.Corleone Z/M.v.Mandat/POL./POL10771/B: Pawlowicz,Jadwiga