American Hanoverian Announces New Foal Life Recording Partnership with USEF

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LEXINGTON, Kentucky, Sept. 2–In a major new initiative, the American Hanoverian Society has announced a new foal life recording partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation.

Under the agreement, AHS registered foals beginning with the foal crop of 2009 will automatically become life recorded with the USEF, the national governing body for equestrian sport in the U.S., as part of the regular $185 (€130) AHS registration fee. The added value, normally up to a $200.00 (€140) fee, is being provided to AHS members at no additional cost.

The partnership between the AHS and USEF will allow both organizations access to accurate data for both pedigree and performance. The AHS will provide USEF with complete breeding data on each foal. In return, the USEF will provide the AHS with a USEF Life Recording number for each foal that will be noted on AHS registration papers. The owner will also receive a Life Recording certificate from the USEF.

“This new program will provide added value and service for the AHS membership and greater recognition of its breed along with accurate performance records,” the AHS said in a statement. “In addition to the value added to each foal by having the USEF number printed on AHS registration certificates, all American-bred foals going forward will automatically be enrolled in the new American Performance Horse book of the Performance Horse Registry.”

The APH promotes American-bred horses by recognizing them with their breed logo and the American flag on all Horse of The Year standings. There will also be an APH standing and year-end awards that recognize only American-bred horses. With the use of the AHS logo on each Hanoverian horse that is recorded, anyone will be able to click on the logo and be linked to The American Hanoverian Society Internet site to learn more about the Hanoverian breed and membership in the society.

In order to implement this program with the current foal crop, the AHS will defer issuing 2009 foal registrations for a short time until the society’s database is modified to permit the printing of new USEF numbers on the registration papers.

In announcing the program, AHS President Doug Leatherdale said, “AHS has long taken a leadership role in tying performance to pedigree in this country. In 2001 we were the first North American breed registry to introduce the WBFSH’s 15-digit Universal Equine Life Number; we played a major role in the introduction of lifetime declaration for horses competing for USDF All Breeds awards; and now, with this partnership with USEF, the American Hanoverian Society has taken a bold new step which will eventually lead to the further recognition of the many top Hanoverians being bred on this continent. Of course I am delighted that this new added benefit is being provided at no additional cost to our membership.”

For further information on the new USEF/AHS foal recording partnership, contact the AHS central office in Lexington, Kentucky at 859.255.4141 or