International Trainers Present “Naked Truth in Riding” Symposium

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ESBJERG, Denmark, Apr. 15–International dressage rider and trainer Heather Blitz and equine experts Mary Wanless and Dr. Hillary Clayton will hold a two-day “Naked Truth in Riding” symposium at the Leatherdale Equine Center in Minneapolis May 9-10.

The symposium will focus on the relationship between veterinary medicine and dressage performance, with special emphasis on prevention and treatment of lameness problems. Demonstration rides will be used to illustrate the correct way for riders to sit and use their bodies to improve the horse’s performance.

Heather Blitz has studied and used biomechanics her training of horses to the highest level for more than15 years. “There is no other event to offer such comprehensive and understandable training that helps to unravel the mystery of good riding,” she said of the symposium. “Students will take home information from these two days that will last a lifetime.”

Mary Wanless, renowned author, has dedicated her life to translating the secrets of talented riders into bite-sized chunks that makes a difference to riders.

Dr. Hilary Clayton of the McPhail Equine Performance Center, Michigan State University, is a leader in the field in equine biomechanics and the science of saddle fit and rein tension.

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