Anna Marek On Fayvel Wins Wellington World Cup Freestyle to Assure Start in Riyadh Final

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Anna Marek and Fayvel in the Global Dressage Festival World Cup qualifier. © 2024 Ken Braddick/


WELLINGTON, Florida, Feb. 9, 2024–Anna Marek rode Fayvel to victory in the Global Dressage Festival World Cup Freestyle Friday night to assure the partnership of an invitation to the Final in Saudi Arabia in two months that will be the first world championship for the American rider.

Kevin Kohmann of Wellngton fell short of becoming one of three North Americans assured of starting places in the Final, but will seek to wrap up the third place in another World Cup qualifier at the end of this month or, if necessary, the last qualifier in North America, in California three weeks later.

Anna of the Ocala area community of Dunnellen and the 14-year-old KWPN gelding were awarded first place in Friday night under the lights on a personal best 78.475%.

She ended up riding Fayvel as a World Cup prospect when the owner, whom Anna coaches, sustained a neck injury unrelated to riding.

“I’ve known him a long time and trained him a long time but haven’t been in this situation, really competing him in CDIs and trying to qualify for a championship,” she said. “And so just the last couple of shows, I’ve really been thrilled with him. We’re getting better so fast together and it’s really great.

“This horse is so handy, and he can do some really tricky stuff. I went and I looked at some European freestyles and I just was like I think I could do this and I think I could do this and so let’s try it.”

The pair join Benjamin Ebeling of Wellington who with Indeed is the top ranked North American with the maximum number of 60 points from three wins that will earn him a start in Riyadh.

The win for Anna and Fayvel give the duo 55 points and second ranked behind Ben and Indeed.

Dünensee with Kevin Kohmann aboard Dünensee in the Global Dressage Festival World Cup Freestyle. © 2024 Ken Braddick/

The runner-up place for Kevin and the 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding Dünensee on a score of 75.890% did not change the 54 points already earned in three previous qualifiers.

Kevin, a German Nations Cup team rider who switched to ride for the U.S. and is married to an American competitor, said: “I honestly felt so comfortable here this time, riding here at night, and it almost felt great. I felt like it was my best freestyle. Christoph Koschel (his coach) kept me calm, too.”

“I literally just thought this time I’m just going to pet him a little bit more and it worked,” an action that he said made the difference from his previous ride.

To give the combination a big enough margin to assure an invitation to Saudi Arabia the pair need to either win one or both of the remaining qualifiers or finish ahead of Susan Dutta on Don Design.

Susan of Wellington and the 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding that she has developed over the nine years since buying the horse in Germany brought her points total to 30 with Friday night’s performance for third place on a score of 73.310%. But with two more qualifiers to go, top finishes could earn the pair a trip half way around the world.

She said the performance fulfilled her goal of making the top three.

She said she and her husband, Tim Dutta, bought the horse with help from Christoph Koschel who was training her at the time.

Although the horse has unseated many riders, she said, “in the end he’s turned out to be amazing.”



World Cup Grand Prix Freestyle
Rank Competitor Score E H C M B
Anna Marek (USA)
78.475% 78.750 81.100 77.075 78.275 77.175
Kevin Kohmann (USA)
75.890% 75.850 75.900 75.875 77.375 74.450
Susan Dutta (USA)
Don Design DC
73.310% 72.975 74.750 73.475 71.800 73.550
Yvonne Losos De Muñiz (DOM)
72.795% 73.825 74.275 71.400 73.400 71.075
Hope Cooper (USA)
Flynn PCH
72.220% 72.550 73.825 72.250 71.850 70.625
Tanya Strasser-Shostak (CAN)
Fidelis Tyme
71.810% 71.225 70.750 70.575 74.275 72.225
Amy Swerdlin (USA)
Quileute CCW
68.590% 69.775 68.250 67.775 69.300 67.850
Micaela Mabragaña (ARG)
Bradley Cooper
67.945% 68.825 67.675 68.650 67.475 67.100
Evi Strasser (CAN)
Disney Tyme
66.680% 67.025 67.125 67.375 66.375 65.500
Gabriel Martin Armando (ARG)
San Rio
66.370% 64.750 68.400 65.775 66.600 66.325
Maria Pais Do Amaral (POR)
Hot Hit OLD Campline
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