Happy Birthday, Susan Dutta!

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WELLINGTON, Florida, Jan.9–Susan Dutta celebrated her birthday Monday but the present from her husband, Tim, is going to have to do for two birthdays and she won’t get to see it for a while.

The gift was the five-year-old Saphira DC that he bought at the Performance Sales International auction at Ankum a month ago.

Saphira (St. Moritz x Ecija x Ehrentusch) has been left with family friend, Dr. Ulf Möller, one of the world’s leading young horse trainers.

Susan, who turned 43, said they are planning the first competition for Saphira at the Horses and Dreams show in Hagen, Germany, in April seeking to qualify for the world young dressage horse championships in Verden in August.

Susan is also seeking to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team with Currency DC.

For a video of the horse, click http://www.os1.tv/Suche/saphira