Anky & Painted Black Win Falsterbo WDM Freestyle for 5th WDM Title

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Anky van Grunsven receiving the Exquis World Dressage Masters Falsterbo trophy from Exquis CEO Anthony Kies and his daughter, Renee. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Anky van Grunsven receiving the Exquis World Dressage Masters Falsterbo trophy from Exquis CEO Anthony Kies and his daughter, Renee. © 2010 Ken Braddick/


FALSTERBO, Sweden, July 10–Anky van Grunsven gave a display of her trademark Queen of the Freestyle when she rode IPS Painted Black to victory in the Exquis World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Kür presented by Axel Johnson Group for her fifth WDM CDI5* title in two years of the richest lineup of competitions on the globe.

Competing in the inaugural €100,000 (US$126,400) WDM at the Falsterbo Horse Show and her first time at this summer beach resort, Anky and the 13-year-old stallion posted a score of 82.40 per cent. The freestyle that was presented by Axel Johnson Group had total prize money of €60,000 (US$75,800) with first place earning €16,000 (US$20,200).

Germany’s Ulla Salzgeber and the 10-year-old mare Wakana showed none of the spookiness from shows earlier this year and placed second on 75.90 per cent with Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven and Favourit receiving 75.40 per cent. They were the hometown favorites of the enthusiastic Swedish crowd that numbered 3,000 paid spectators and many hundreds more who crowded every available place around the arena in sunny weather with temperatures above 80 degrees (27C).

Ulla Salzgeber and Wakana. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Ulla Salzgeber and Wakana. © 2010 Ken Braddick/

Painted Black suffered a minor injury earlier this year and Falsterbo was his first competition back, but winning the €10,000 Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe Grand Prix presented by Agria on Thursday showed the stallion was fully recovered. Germany’s Jonny Hilberath on Amüsant won the €30,000 Moorland Grand Prix Special Dressage Derby presented by Agria.

Although Anky will not compete on the Dutch team at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in September, she was accorded star treatment by the crowds who filled the dressage stadium from the practice day Wednesday, the Grand Prix Thursday, the Special Friday and the Freestyle Saturday. Competition from the CSI5* jumping including the Meydan Nations Cup that was going on in an adjacent arena appeared to have no impact on the crowds.

Anky, who came to Falsterbo as she usually does with her husband, Dutch coach Sjef Janssen, and their two children, was “very happy” with Painted Black despite a small error which she blamed on herself.

She made it clear in a conversation with that she is enjoying to the maximum every good day, that includes her fifth WDM victory. She won twice at Cannes in France and twice at Palm Beach in the USA, giving her more titles than any other rider at the series that also includes Munich, Germany and Hickstead, England.

Asked whether she planned to compete next week at Aachen, Germany, or at Hickstead, Anky said she is not making long term plans.

“I want to enjoy every day when good things happen,” she said. “If things don’t go well the next day you can still think of the good day you had before.

“I remember when I won the World Cup in Dusseldorf (Germany in 2004) the press asked me what I planned to do after the win,” she recalled. “I returned home and my father died of cancer a week later. You never know what is going to happen from day to day.”

Other riders heaped praise on the WDM Falsterbo competition–Ulla Salzgeber described it as a “little championship with fantastic atmosphere that makes the riders grow and the horses grow when they come into the arena,” while Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven said after her first WDM it was “fantastic” and hoped to participate more in the future.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson, whose family company was instrumental in bringing WDM to Falsterbo, said that this year was a “pilot” program that had worked “really, really well” and would like to help bring the event back to Falsterbo next year.

The final WDM event of 2010 will be at Hickstead July 28-Aug. 1, which will feature the world’s top horse and rider combinations — Moorlands Totilas ridden by Edward Gal and Jerich Parzival ridden by Adelinde Cornelissen.

Complete scores from the Grand Prix Freestyle:

Place Rider Horse/Sire/Damsire/Owner E H C M B
1 Anky van Grunsven IPS Painted BlackGribaldi – FerroEquestrian International BV 75.50085.00080.2501 79.00085.00082.0001 75.50087.00081.2501 80.00088.00084.0001 80.00089.00084.5001 78.00086.80082.4001
2 Ulla Salzgeber WakanaWolkentanz II – Wanderbursch IIAP Niederzimmern GmbH & Co.KG 69.00077.00073.0003 72.50077.00074.7503 73.50080.00076.7502 73.50081.00077.2503 73.50082.00077.7502 72.40079.40075.9002
3 Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven FavouritFidermark – WorldchampSchulte-Böcker,Eberhard 71.50078.00074.7502 73.50078.00075.7502 69.50077.00073.2504 74.00083.00078.5002 71.50078.00074.7503 72.00078.80075.4003
4 Anja Plönzke Le Mont d’OrLandjuwel Gold – Wie WeltmeyerBraul, Heinz 70.50075.00072.7504 70.00074.00072.0006 72.50079.00075.7503 74.00080.00077.0004 69.50074.00071.7504 71.30076.40073.8504
5 Aat van Essen PremierJazz – Ulft 69.50075.00072.2505 68.00074.00071.0007 69.00075.00072.0005 69.50078.00073.7505 66.50070.00068.2506 68.50074.40071.4505
Ej placerade
6 Minna TeldeSvedens PK Larina HömSolos Landtinus – CaranoTage Jepsen 68.00069.00068.5007 70.50074.00072.2504 69.00075.00072.0005 67.50074.00070.7506 70.50071.00070.7505 69.10072.60070.8506
7 Patrik KittelTranås Ridklubb Kohlpharmas Florett AsFlorestan I – UrofinoGünter Stegemann 64.00072.00068.0008 68.00076.00072.0005 67.00074.00070.5007 66.50071.00068.7508 65.00070.00067.5007 66.10072.60069.3507
8 Michal Rapcewicz RandonCzuwaj – Famino 66.50071.00068.7506 65.00070.00067.5008 66.00073.00069.5008 68.50072.00070.2507 64.00068.00066.0008 66.00070.80068.4008