New mandatory hypersensitivity protocol guidelines issued by FEI

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McLain Ward and Sapphire. © Ken Braddick/

McLain Ward and Sapphire. © Ken Braddick/

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 9–The International Equestrian Federation has issued new mandatory guidelines to deal with hypersensitivity in horses, the issue that the FEI admits “incorrectly eliminated” the USA’s McLain Ward and Sapphire from the World Cup Final in April.

The change resulted from a settlement of the dispute between the FEI and McLain.

The FEI said the new guidelines are being applied immediately.

The new guidelines are:
* All horses tested under the Protocol for Thermography and Clinical Examination will continue to undergo a thermography examination as one part of the evaluation process for hypersensitivity;

* No horse may be retroactively eliminated from a competition under the protocol for Thermography and Clinical Examination;

* The Person Responsible (typically the rider), or his or her designee, will be presented with a written form if his or her horse is disqualified for hypersensitivity that expressly describes the examination process and the rights of the Person Responsible under the circumstances;

* If any horse is disqualified pursuant to the Protocol more than 12 hours prior to a competition, the Person Responsible, or his or her designee, will be advised that a written request to the Ground Jury may be submitted within 30 minutes of being notified that the horse is disqualified, for the Horse to be re-examined pursuant to the Protocol. Such request must be granted and the Horse will be re-examined prior to the next competition at a time determined by the Ground Jury on the day of the Competition. If upon re-examination it is not clear and obvious that the horse is unfit to compete due to signs of hypersensitivity, the horse shall be allowed to compete in that next competition. However, the horse remains eligible for examination under the Protocol throughout the entire event. This specific written request opportunity may only be exercised one time during any Event for the same horse.