Endel Ots & Bohemian Top Debut of 3 New USA Team Prospects Winning Wellington CDI3* Grand Prix, Adrienne Lyle on Helix & Lars van de Hoenderheide Next in Finishing Lineup

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Zen Elite’s Bohemian ridden by Endel Ots at the Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix, the first Big Tour competition for the partnership. © 2024 Ken Braddick/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com


WELLINGTON, Florida, Mar. 28, 2024–Endel Ots on Zen Elite’s Bohemian topped the debut of three new U.S. team prospects to win the Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Thursday with Adrienne Lyle on Helix and Lars van de Hoenderheide next in the finishing lineup to breathe new life into America’s Olympic team.

Endel, a rookie at Big Tour after two decades of competing through the levels, and the 14-year-old Westfalen gelding that he began riding just this year were awarded 72.761% for the victory.

“Bohemian,” Endel said, “has the biggest heart I’ve ever felt in a horse. I’m worried about riding other horses in the future because he’s so great. He’s just got such a really wonderful personality… it’s something so special and you know the media was right like he is really such a really beautiful soul like a little silly in certain ways, of course, but it’s just a really, really fun experience.”

Bohemian, ridden by Danish star Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour at the Tokyo Olympics and the 2021 European Championships, was bought late last year by Heidi Humphries’ Zen Elite Equestrian Center of Ft. Lauderdale near Wellington. Heidi also bought Helix and Lars van de Hoenderheide, both also making their debuts in the same CDI3* ridden by Adrienne.

Although it was the first Big Tour outing for the partnership of Endel and Bohemian, and the first ever for Endel, the score was behind only five-time Olympian Steffen Peters on Suppenkasper and Anna Marek on the 2023 Pan American Games gold medal team horse Fire Fly in the U.S. Paris Olympics rankings.

Endel with Bohemian and Adrienne with Helix and Lars plan on completing qualifications for a European tour ahead of the Olympics at the end of July by competing in CDI competitions at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida and Terra Nova near Sarasota.

He said he called Catherine after the ride where he had mistakes in the two-tempi changes to ask her if Bohemian had become ring wise after his extensive experience at top sport.

Cathrine’s advice: “He’s not that guy. Just do less warm-up. Wth paffe/passage in the warm-up just touch the beginning of it and then that’s it. Don’t let your insecurities on yourself on doing the things because he’ll still try for you. All you’ve got to do is less warm-up. Five minutes you can go in. I mean, of course, we would do more walking around but she said all you have to do is get your mind in the right spot and he will just take you through it.”

Adrienne Lyle on Helix in the first Big Tour competition for the psrtnership. © 2024 Ken Braddick/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

Adrienne, a two-time Olympian including silver medalist in Tokyo and at the 2018 World Equestrian Games, rode the 12-year-old KWPN gelding Helix to a score of 71.065%. The horse was ridden previously by Sweden’s Marina Mattson.

On Lars van de Hoenderheide, 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood gelding that like Helix is also one of the Zen Elite squad, Adrienne came third on 70.652%.

The Grand Prix Special that is a required score for selection consideration is schedued for Saturday.

Adrienne Lyle and Lars van de Hoenderheide. © 2024 Ken Braddick/DRESSAGE-NEWS.com

“I was super happy with both horses and the efforts they put in,” Adrienne told dressage-news.com. “With Lars we had a very unfortunate mistake in the one-tempi changes which was too bad because he can get big scores on those, but that was totally rider error.

“Overall he felt more energetic and secure in the piaffe/passage than our first show together last month so I was very pleased with that. It’s a good feeling for the future.”

“Helix handled the atmosphere like a champ as well, and I was thrilled with how focused he was and how hard he tried. He put in a beautiful test with no mistakes and I think the scores will only go up from here as he gets more experience and exposure.

“A huge thank you to Heidi Humphries and the Zen Elite team for giving me the chance to work with these incredible horses. To have both scores over 70% in their first international grand prix is a good starting point, with how new these partnerships are, and I look forward to what is to come over the next months and years as we get to know each other more.

“Thank you Debbie McDonald for your always amazing coaching and guidance on these and all my horses. I am very lucky to have such a great team around me.”


CDI3* Grand Prix (Qual. for GPS)
Rank Competitor Score E H C M B
Endel Ots (USA)
Zen Elite’s Bohemian
72.761% 72.717 73.261 72.935 71.957 72.935
Adrienne Lyle (USA)
71.065% 69.130 72.391 73.370 69.783 70.652
Adrienne Lyle (USA)
Lars van de Hoenderheide
70.652% 71.413 69.348 71.522 69.239 71.739
Kasey Perry-Glass (USA)
Heartbeat W.P.
70.000% 69.674 70.109 68.913 70.109 71.196
Ashley Holzer (USA)
69.891% 71.196 69.022 70.543 69.348 69.348
Callie O’Connell (USA)
Eaton H
67.935% 67.391 67.609 68.370 67.391 68.913
James Irwin (CAN)
67.130% 63.587 69.239 67.174 68.152 67.500
Camille Carier Bergeron (CAN)
Sound of Silence 4
66.457% 66.630 66.087 65.870 66.957 66.739
Geñay Vaughn (USA)
66.217% 67.174 66.630 66.196 64.783 66.304
Jill Irving (CAN)
66.044% 65.870 65.543 68.587 64.348 65.870
Nicholia Clarke (USA)
Sir Amour
64.957% 64.674 66.848 64.891 65.000 63.370
Chris von Martels (CAN)
64.500% 64.130 65.543 65.761 63.261 63.804
Marcus Orlob (USA)
64.478% 62.826 64.565 66.739 62.500 65.761
Micah Deligdish (ISR)
63.413% 62.609 65.109 62.391 64.565 62.391
Luuk Mourits (NED)
Harmony’s Don’t Stop The Feeling
63.326% 65.326 61.413 66.196 59.674 64.022
Barbara Bertschinger (SUI)
Sonnenbergs Solisco CH
61.739% 62.391 61.957 63.696 59.783 60.870
Holger Bechtloff (USA)
59.218% 60.326 59.457 59.022 58.696 58.587
Sahar Daniel Hirosh (ISR)
57.609% 60.978 56.087 56.848 57.065 57.065
Adriane Alvord (USA)
57.065% 55.109 58.587 58.696 53.696 59.239
Joanne Vaughan (GEO)
Hero V.D.T.
56.326% 54.022 57.283 55.543 55.652 59.130
Caleb Scroggins (USA)
53.761% 53.370 50.978 53.261 52.283 58.913
Lindsay Kellock (CAN)
Tu le Merite
Codi Harrison (USA)
Katholt’s Bossco
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