Canada’s Tina Irwin & Laurencio Complete Sweep of Three CDIO3* Nations Cup Competitions, USA’s Jennifer Baumert on Handsome Returns to Top Form

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Canada’s Tina Irwin on Laurencio celebrating the pair’s Nations Cup Int. 1 Freestyle victory after individual first places in the Prix St. Geoges team competition and the Int. 1. © 2019 Ken Braddick/


WELLINGTON, Florida, Mar. 15, 2019–Canada’s Tina Irwin on Laurencio won the Intermediate 1 Freestyle Friday to complete a sweep of the three Global Dressage Festival CDIO3* Nations Cup competitions while the USA’s Jennifer Baumert on Handsome shucked off the pressure trying not to let her team down and returned to the top form they produced the past two years.

And in what could be another foretaste of the Small Tour segment of the Pan American Games in four months, America’s Ashley Holzer on Valentine turned the tables on her god daughter, Lindsay Kellock of Canada on Floratina to place third.

The CDIO3* Grand Prix Freestyle under lights Friday night was won by Shelly Francis of Loxahatchee, Florida on Danilo  with a personal best score of 81.840 per cent.

The popular combination that competed at the 2018 World Cup Final in Paris received a standing ovation from the crowd that clapped in unison on the combination’s final centerline.

Shelly Francis and Danilo dancing up the final centerline of the CDIO3* Nations Cup Grand Prix Freestyle to post a personal best score and accompanied by clapping in unison and a standing ovation. © 2019

Yvonne Losos de Muñiz, the Olympian from the Dominican Republic, placed second on Aquamarijn on a score of 75.240 per cent.  Charlotte Jorst of Reno Nevada on Kastel’s Nintendo was third on 75.208 per cent.

The Wellington Nations Cup of Prix St. Georges, Int. 1 and the Int. 1 Freestyle at Small Tour and Grand Prix, Special and Freestyle at Big Tour is the only team competition this year leading to the Pan Ams and the format of mixed levels that will be staged in Lima, Peru in July, a once every four-year continental championship. It also was the first of eight Nations Cups in the trans-Atlantic series.

Canada, along with several other nations in the Americas, will be seeking one of two spots available through the Pan Ams to go to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. The U.S. team silver medal performance at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon last September has already clinched a start in Tokyo but will be aiming to extend to six straight Pan Am team gold performances.

Nations Cup Small Tour Int. Freestyle medalists–(center) Tina Irwin of Canada gold, (left) Jennifer Baumert silver and (right) Ashley Holzer (bronze), both of the USA. © 2019 Ken Braddick/

Tina, who dropped Laurencio, a 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding, back to Small Tour from Grand Prix to strengthen the Canadian team, scored 74.460 per cent to win the Freestyle.

Jennifer Baumert of Wellington and Handsome was close behind on 74.300 per cent.

Jennifer and the 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding have won 12 times in 16 starts at Small Tour the past two years but did not display the same performances in the Prix St. Georges and the Int. 1 in this team competition.

“I haven’t ridden on a team before,” Jennifer said. “I tried too hard, I didn’t want to let down my team mates. I overrode him; I didn’t let him shine.”

Jennifer Baumert on Handsome in the CDIO3* Nations Cup in Wellington. © 2019

But there was a big difference in the Freestyle when she rode Handsome “like I usually do,” after talking to U.S. coach Debbie McDonald and getting support from other experienced team riders who are competing in Wellington.

If she makes the U.S. team for the Pan Ams, she said, “I won’t make that mistake again.”

For Ashley Holzer, one of the most experienced championship riders and on four Olympic teams for Canada before switching to ride for America, her third place on 73.365 per cent put her ahead of her god daughter, Lindsay Kellock on Floratina riding for Canada and scoring 72.315 per cent for fifth place.

Ashley, based in Wellington, joked that when coaching Lindsay Thursday she had urged her to finish a strong second in the Int. 1. She did just that, but Ashley was not in front, placing third, that led to the friendly banter.


CDIO3* Nations Cup Grand Prix Freestyle
Judges: Peter Storr Elisabeth Max-Theurer Janet Lee Foy Katrina Wüst Cesar Torrente
Place Score Nat. Athlete Horse E H C M B Spectators
1. 81.840 USA Shelly Francis Danilo 85.400 81.350 80.800 81.975 79.675 79.313 (1)
2. 75.240 DOM Yvonne Losos De Muniz Aquamarijn 75.900 72.725 76.275 75.200 76.100 75.825 (2)
3. 75.208 USA Charlotte Jorst Kastels Nintendo 74.525 76.103 77.000 73.025 75.500 72.824 (5)
4. 74.105 CAN Jill Irving Arthur 71.850 77.825 74.000 74.350 72.500 75.208 (3)
5. 72.295 GER Michael Klimke Royal Dancer 33 72.725 70.450 73.850 71.375 73.075 70.395 (6)
6. 71.690 MEX Bernadette Pujals Curioso XXV 72.400 68.825 74.175 71.250 71.800 74.768 (4)
CDIO3* Nations Cup Intermediate I Freestyle
Judges: Elke Ebert Christof Umbach Hans Voser Isabelle Judet Lee Tubman
Place Score Nat. Athlete Horse E H C M B Spectators
1. 74.460 CAN Tina Irwin Laurencio 77.000 78.500 70.750 73.050 73.000 74.438 (1)
2. 74.300 USA Jennifer Baumert Handsome 73.625 76.250 72.925 74.950 73.750 73.125 (2)
3. 73.635 USA Ashley Holzer Valentine 74.750 72.125 74.125 73.175 74.000 72.567 (3)
4. 73.535 CAN Belinda Trussell Carlucci 71.375 72.750 74.000 75.675 73.875 72.000 (5)
5. 72.315 CAN Lindsay Kellock Floratina 74.125 74.000 68.575 71.250 73.625 72.527 (4)
6. 71.595 CRC Christer Egerstrom Bello Oriente 69.625 71.500 73.825 71.900 71.125 71.500 (6)
7. 69.170 GER Patricia Koschel Leuchtfeuer DE 70.250 68.500 70.000 68.975 68.125 68.758 (8)
8. 68.900 MEX Monica Burssens Elfentanz 69.375 68.250 67.975 68.650 70.250 69.778 (7)
9. 67.485 COL Marco Bernal Germany 68.875 62.750 69.750 68.550 67.500 66.857 (10)
10. 66.230 GER Kevin Kohmann Cascou W 63.875 65.000 66.300 66.100 69.875 68.250 (9)
11. 60.955 COL Carmen Franco Weltregentrin 63.375 58.250 61.000 58.900 63.250 61.225 (11)
RT. COL Raul Corchuelo Senorita 43
RT. COL Maria Alejandra Aponte Gonzalez Duke De Niro