Australian Federation Sticks to Controversial Equnect Computer System,

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SYDNEY, Feb. 6–Equestrian Australia announced Wednesday it is sticking with the Equnect computer system that has so far fallen short of providing its members with a wide range of services, saying that it is cheaper to finish the job than start again.

The Australian federation board made the decision after a four-month study of options over the system that has become the center of a controversy due to cost overruns and performance shortfalls.

The Equnect project is one of several issues that have embroiled the federation in recent months, including the selection procedures and performances of Australian teams at the Olympics in London last summer. The federation is the national governing body of the sport on behalf of Australia’s state branches.

“Identified as one of the three major priorities for the current administration,” the federation said in a statement, “the Board quickly sought to review how ‘equnect’ was working since it was launched 12 months ago and what options were available to the sport both in the short and long term.

“An analysis was conducted through the assistance of independent providers which looked at equnect as well as other commercially available systems.

“From this, the EA Board resolved that terminating the current IT system and moving to a new system would put too much burden on the State Branches from an administration perspective and determined that it was not cost effective for the sport to shut down the current system.

“Therefore, the preferred option is to continue with the development of the current IT system.”

Equestrian Australia Chairman Paul Biancardi said the board is confident ove the decision to remain with the current system but acknowledged that further work is required that will cost more. Discussions will be held with state branches, government agencies and sponsors seeking funds to continue development and maintain the system.

“After reviewing the business cases presented, continuing with our current IT system is believed the best option for the sport both financially and from an operational aspect,” he said.

“An online IT system is extremely important for a national sporting organization in this day and age and as such we need to look at all funding options available to EA to ensure the system can be maintained long term.

“There are improvements still to be made and EA will be working with the States as to what upgrades need to occur to ensure it is operating to its full capacity.”

He said that other sports organizations encounter the same problems as EA in finding the right IT solution.

A new manager is being sought to oversee upgrading the system.