What’s Allowed by Helmet Rule for Dressage Riders

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Both protective head gear and top hats will be allowed for senior riders on horses seven years and older going to and from stables to the warm-up for a compettion, in the warm-up and competition arenas. For all other riders and in all other circumstances on show grounds of an FEI show safey helmets only from Jan. 1. © 201 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com


Campaigns stressing that safety helmets are mandatory for riders in International Equestrian Federation (FEI) events effective Jan. 1, 2013, have brought questions for clarification from dressage riders.

According to FEI rules, protective headgear is mandatory for all dressage riders at all levels except for riders aged 18 or older on horses seven years and older. The FEI says:

“Athletes 18 years and older, riding horses seven years and older may wear a top hat/bowler instead of protective headgear at the actual competition and the warming-up directly prior to the competition (with no break before the competition), which includes riding between the stable and the warm-up area, riding of the competing horse in the warm-up area, and riding back to the stable. A protective headgear formed as a top hat may be used in the same situations as a standard top hat.”

For all riders on all horses anywhere on show grounds or exercising horses except in the competition circumstances a safety helmet properly fastened is required.

If a rider is not wearing protective head gear properly fastened an authorized official can ask the athlete to abide by tne rule.

Refusal to do so can lead to being issued a Yellow Card.

Two Yellow Cards within one year can lead to an automatic suspension for two months.