Ravel in Retirement After 2 Olympics, World Cup Title, Aachen CDIO Sweep

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Ravel in being ridden by owner Akiko Yamazaki at her Woodside, California, farm. Photo: Courtesy Akiko Yamazaki

WOODSIDE, California, Aug. 29–Ravel who was retired earlier this month at the age of 14 after his second Olympics is happy being trail ridden by owner Akiko Yamazaki at her Four Winds Farm in Woodside and being admired by fans.

Ravel was one of the most successful horses in American dressage, ridden by Steffen Peters in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, the 2010 World Equestrian Games, only the second U.S. combination to win the World Cup and the sole American to sweep the Aachen, Germany, CDIO, both in 2009. The record includes a slew of Grand Prix victories.

The KWPN gelding (Contango x Hautain x Democraat) was bought by Akiko and her husband, Jerry Yang, in 2006.

Riding the trails at Four Winds Farm. Photo Courtesy Akiko Yamazaki
Being a horse in his field. Photo Courtesy Akiko Yamazaki

Akiko said in a message to dressage-news.com, “I would like to thank Ravel’s supporters over the years. Steffen and Ravel are leaving us a wonderful legacy of harmony between horse and rider. I hope Ravel will be remembered not only for his great accomplishments over the years but also for his beautiful partnership with Steffen and their mutual respect.

“It has been a privilege to call Ravel ‘my horse’ but he is really ‘His Majesty’ and is now living a gentleman’s life enjoying a few strolls through the hills and some gentle exercise to keep his body healthy. He is enjoying some grass time and holds court with plenty of admirers that bring him treats!”

Fans--in this case mostly parents of vautters from the same team as the daughter of Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang--visiting Ravel. Photo: Courtesy Akiko Yamazaki