Micro Machines V4: Friv Game Overview

When the number of fresh ideas approaches zero, in cinema, directors and producers, one after another, begin to churn out remakes. The gaming industry has its own ways out of a similar situation: some remember the dead long-term construction (Prey), others revive the now forgotten, but popular in the past game series (Testdrive Unlimited coming out this fall url).

Micro Machines is one of the oldest car arcades, launched 15 years ago. Racing on toy cars with weapons made a splash in their time. However, after two sequels, the series died out. Codemasters took over the business of pulling the famous brand out of the clutches of death . They put Supersonic Software at the helmveterans of the arcade gun racing genre, if you will. They have Micro Machines at number two behind them , and quite good Mashed and Mashed: Fully Loaded . It would seem that these are all the conditions for the revival of the once popular series, but it did not work out: the curvature of the developers' hands exceeded all possible boundaries.

The campaign is represented by four championships, in which many different competitions, cups and other things are hidden. Only now, the game modes do not shine with special originality. Ring races, checkpoint races in a strictly allotted time, a pursuit race where the enemy has an advantage at the start and the last game mode carefully transferred from Mashed... Its essence is to break away from opponents as quickly as possible. For the deed the driver gets a point, and the game stops and the chase continues from the new place. To win, it is enough to score a certain number of points. There is also a command version of this mode.

As in any self-respecting auto-arcade with weapons, in Micro Machines V4 you can overtake an opponent, or you can simply put a portion of lead (depending on the weapon) into a wreck flickering on the horizon. The arsenal is not large and is mostly represented by standard weapons: missiles, machine guns, a hammer, electric shock, flamethrower, and more. The life of the car can be restored with the help of the first aid kit lying on the track. Where is your fantasy, Supersonic Software?

The only thing that at least partially pulls the gameplay out of the abyss of boredom is the Hot Seat mode: by setting up the controls, you can drive four of you on the same computer.

Among other things, for some reason, an unsightly track editor was screwed into the game. Changes can be made to the placement of bonuses and checkponits - truly a flight of creative thought.

The developers kept their promise and stamped as many as 750 (!!!) cars. But here's the catch: there are actually only 25 car models. Everything else is just different paint options. Agree, sweating for the coveted first place, and in return to get a clunker that differs from yours only in red is a very dubious pleasure. Computer-driven cars pose no threat. Silicon dummies often fall into cliffs, and each time they strive to substitute the bottom of a flying rocket.

The graphics of the game are simply striking in their “splendor”: blurry textures and eerie car models are perfectly combined with poorly detailed and gray landscapes. Spiced with it all with nightmarish special effects. As a result, the game looks 5 years behind. After the gorgeous picture of Need for Speed: Most Wantedfrom such a sight, the cursor spontaneously reaches for the coveted exit button. Surprisingly, Micro Machines V4 in terms of graphics outright blows Mashed (the game is 2 years old) made on the same engine and by the same developers.

Final comments:

If you really want to have fun, daring races, play Crashday or Flatout 2 . There is no need to spend hard rubles on real garbage.
Graphics: Just awful.

Sound: Nothing special. Turning on Winamp (or any other player) and turning off the game sound is the most correct solution.
Gameplay: Several decent game modes, silly AI, weak arsenal.

For how long?: A worthless track editor won't keep the game alive. The only thing that, perhaps, will return you to the arms of this “masterpiece” is the hot seat mode.