Resume writing

When is it necessary to write a resume

Writing a resume is necessary:

  • When you don't already have a resume;
  • When you need to create a resume for a specific position;
  • When you need to create multiple resumes for different positions.

What kind of work is done when writing a resume

Professional resume services online has long been a "paper" text document, and there is an electronic form, so most recommendations to work with its content is outdated and can not improve its effectiveness as an object of search by recruiters and employers.

It's no secret that job search sites work on the same principle as search engines, so the goal of developing a resume is not just an attractive text representation of the professional experience, knowledge and skills of the job seeker, and increasing the position of the resume in search results for employers and recruiters and optimize its content for employers' requests.

To do this, the original text of the resume should be processed so that each phrase of the resume was as informative as possible, and the resume itself was convenient to find the necessary information about the job seeker.

It takes a few hours to write a resume, because before the text is written, the supply and demand in the labor market is analyzed - the content of job ads and resumes of applicants, the amount of compensation offered to applicants, and applicants' expectations as stated in the resume.

Based on the data from the labor market analysis, a resume text is developed and a competitive salary is determined.