Dressage-news.com was created to provide news, photo and video reports from around the globe about dressage and dressage people for dressage people.

The Internet web site was created by Kenneth J. Braddick, creator of the glossy full-color magazine, HorseSport USA, that focused on high performance dressage and jumping around the world.

“Our goal are to provide a wide range of services to the dressage community around the world,” Braddick said. “Some of the services are innovative and, we hope, inform and entertain the community of everyone who loves dressage.”

The prime focus is and always will be to provide visitors to dressage-news.com with timely news and information from around the globe.

Dressage-news.com is free, supported solely by advertising.

Dressage-news.com is based in Wellington, Florida, one of the world centers of high performance horse sports.

Ken Braddick has helped organize and promote premier horse sport events. He has covered the world’s top equestrian events including multiple Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, World Cups, Pan American Games, Samsung Super League, World Dressage Masters and other horse shows around the globe.

Braddick is a veteran news correspondent who covered several wars and numerous other major events around the globe for several years before becoming a senior news executive at a global news service based in New York. He has extensive experience as a media executive and founder and developer of high technology enterprises serving the media worldwide.

With his wife, Ilse Schwarz, an FEI-level dressage rider and trainer, he is the owner of several competition horses.

Ilse Schwarz was awarded a doctorate for the study of joint lubrication in large animals and is highly regarded for the care, development and training of horses from breeding to mature competition mounts. She will be a frequent contributor to dressage-news.com.